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January 18, 2018 / 2:36 pm EST
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The Green Connoisseur ( is your escort to a luxurious and eco-conscious lifestyle.

As the authority for information pertaining to a green and luxurious lifestyle, The Green Connoisseur highlights prestigious brands that are socially responsible and making a difference in the way we think about our world.

In addition to detailing luxury goods and services, The Green Connoisseur provides their educated reader with cutting-edge articles, green and sustainable product releases and charitable eco-opportunities.

For the sophisticated reader who is seeking the best life has to offer while maintaining their core values, The Green Connoisseur is the quintessential luxury resource.

Target Market

The primary target audience for The Green Connoisseur is the $355 Billion LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market; one of the fastest growing markets in North America growing at 10% per year! LOHAS, as a consumer segment, comprises 23% of the US population or 60 million "conscious consumers". Worldwide, this segment's market value was $546 Billion in 2015.

LOHAS consumers are defined by values and lifestyles more than age, income or geography. However, it is known that 60% of the LOHAS market is comprised of highly educated females. These consumers predicate their buying decisions based on a philosophical alignment with companies that produce goods and services with environmental and social responsibility in mind.

There are a number of attributes that make this consumer segment very attractive to luxury and high-end producers of goods and services. In addition to adopting new innovations quickly, possessing strong brand-loyalty and being tech savy (the internet is their #1 information source), they are also strong influencers of family and friends. Of great significance is that they are also relatively insensitive to price. According to the Natural Marketing Institute (, 80% of LOHAS consumers are willing to pay up to 20% more for green and sustainable products.

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