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American Clay
American ClayMar 4, 2012
Beautify Your Walls and Improve Your Home's Health

There's an environmentally friendly, beautiful wall covering alternative to those tired options of wallpaper or paint. American Clay Earth Plasters come in a variety of colors and textures to suit any room, decor or style and best of all, they are sourced and produced right here in the United States. While wallpaper and paint may look good on the wall, can they actually improve the health of your home? American Clay's unique wall covering can do that, too. For your next remodeling project, you can improve the beauty of your home while also improving the health of your home, your family and the planet.


American Clay Earth Plasters was founded in 2002 by Croft Elsaesser, a man with a talent for interior finishes but a low tolerance for the toll that using numerous toxic products and finishes was taking on his health. Hoping to come up with a better way to obtain a beautiful wall finish, he began experimenting with clay. A company was born, and today this company offers plasters in thousands of colors and a variety of finishing options without the negative health impact of many paints, wallpapers and other types of plaster.


While using plaster techniques to cover walls isn't a new concept, the kind of plaster finish work possible with American Clay plasters makes the concept seem brand new. With the ability to choose almost any color, from bold and striking reds and blues to pastels and earth tones, customers can match their wall covering to any style or type of decor. In addition to the variety of colors to choose from, American Clay also offers customers a choice of several styles of finish that can give them just the impact they are looking for. Trowel application can give the plaster a smooth, rough or patchy look. The plaster can also be sponged or rolled onto the surface for a different texture. Additives such as mica for sparkle or straw for an adobe-like finish can also give the wall a unique textured look.


The amazing finishing possibilities that come with using American Clay plasters are compounded by their amazing ability to improve the health of the home. How is this possible? First, the plaster is non-toxic, all natural, mold resistant and VOC-free. Then there's the ability of the plaster to transform a home once it is on the wall. The plaster can absorb odors, absorb and release moisture to regulate humidity, and remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Lastly, the company is committed to making environmentally friendly products, and demonstrates this commitment with the production and delivery of American Clay products. All clay is sourced in the United States and packaged in recyclable bags. American Clay's plaster products also have the lowest carbon footprint of any interior wall finish.


While customers may choose to purchase an American Clay wall finishing product and hire someone else to apply it, American Clay also recognizes that many people want to do the job themselves. They offer classes from New York to San Diego and many points in between. Customers are schooled in all the application techniques and the basics of using earth plasters. They can then return home to give their living spaces a beautiful makeover. Whether it's an adobe style finish in the kitchen or a burnished shine in the bedroom, American Clay customers will have total control of the whole process once they learn the techniques and tricks of the plaster finish trade. 

Another great feature of American Clay's plaster finishes is what happens once your project is complete. Since the clay is sold as a powder, any leftovers can be safely kept for touch-ups or repairs. And since the plaster can be re-hydrated once it is dry, even the excess used plaster can be saved. Plus, unlike some finishes that require a quick working period where the finisher has to get it right quickly before it dries, American Clay's plaster can be worked for a longer amount of time, ensuring that the finished product will be perfect. Anyone looking for a beautiful, unique wall finish can't go wrong with American Clay Earth Plasters, the only wall finish that has the power to beautify your home while making it healthier.

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