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January 20, 2018 / 5:40 am EST

Building Products

Eco-BlockApr 9, 2010
Taking Building to a New Level

So you're considering building a new home.  Congratulations!  Now it's up to you to decide what materials your new home will be constructed from.  If you're eco-conscious, you may have already started thinking about materials that will save energy and be more earth-friendly.  If you haven't been introduced to Eco-Block, it's certainly a building material worthy of your consideration.

How it Works:

This is one of the easiest ways to build in existence.  There are multiple manufacturing locations throughout North America, so ordering and receiving the blocks should be a fast process and transportation costs will be lower.  It's an easy process because the blocks utilize latching connectors that snap into place quickly – allowing the panels to be joined together very fast.  Instead of three construction crews, only one is needed.  Openings for doors and windows are installed quickly too.

You can snap the panels together to create walls of practically any thickness – from 4” on up in 2” increments.  Then, when you have your walls as thick as you'd like them, the space between the panels are filled with concrete.  This hardens and creates an inner core of super-strength, making a safe and secure home that is easy to build. The benefits are numerous, including:

* Reduced Noise Transmission
* No Mold or Mildew Growth
* Build to Seismic or Hurricane Storm Standard
* Up to a Four-Hour Fire Resistive Rating


In addition to all the benefits above, homeowners who take advantage of this eco-friendly building material will experience some unique advantages. Energy tax costs can be discounted, and often times insurance companies will give discounts on disaster and fire insurance to homeowners whose houses are constructed with Eco-Blocks.  You could experience up to 50% energy savings and your HVAC tonnage requirements could be reduced by up to 30%. 

Of course, utility and maintenance costs will decrease as well.  Recycled materials are used whenever possible and Eco-Block uses no CFCs or HCFCs so they emit no fumes or gases.  Homes will qualify for energy-efficient mortgages and will experience improved indoor air quality. In addition, the construction waste can be reduced to 3% or less.  The benefits are undeniable and the houses built with this eco-friendly building material are gorgeous.

By Samantha Cummings

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