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January 18, 2018 / 2:24 pm EST

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KaydasFeb 5, 2013
Reinvents the Light Bulb

There’s a lot of information available lately about using light bulbs that last longer, are more energy efficient and cost less to operate. You may have noticed that a trip down the light bulb aisle at the store yields new options each time you visit. But which ones are the best choices for your home? Are the bulbs really as efficient and safe as they claim? Are the “green” bulbs worth the money? All of these questions are great ones to ask as you go about finding quality eco-friendly light bulbs for your home, and the answer is . . . Kaydas.

Kaydas may be an unfamiliar name to you now, but once you see their selection of eco-friendly, efficient LED light bulbs, you will wonder why you ever used another brand. Kaydas’ mission is to help people conserve energy and pay less as they do it, and they offer LED technology as the answer to the question “Which lighting option is best?” Why LED lights? According to Kaydas, LED bulbs are efficient, last longer and are safer for the environment than popular CFL bulbs, which contain toxic mercury. Using those bulbs introduces mercury into your home or business, and then when the bulb has reached the end of its life, they head straight to the landfill, where it can leech into the environment. The founders of Kaydas knew there had to be a better alternative, and they were committed to helping consumers get the best bulbs available.

The Kaydas LED bulbs offer many advantages over other types of bulbs that are also advertised as energy efficient and cost saving. An LED bulb is more efficient than popular incandescent and CFL bulbs due to their long life... some over 20 years! The savings for purchasing and using a Kaydas bulb means more money in your pocket over the life of the bulb, too. Plus, Kaydas has an energy efficient LED light for most any type of fixture in your home or office, from track lighting to ceiling fan fixtures to lamps and even candelabras! All bulbs are available in several popular wattages so you can replace the bulbs you already have with new LED bulbs and enjoy the lighting style you prefer. Many Kaydas bulbs are also dimmable, so you can create just the right atmosphere for get-togethers or family gatherings.

In order to choose just the right Kaydas bulbs for your needs, Kaydas has a helpful buying assistant right on their website where you can select the right bulb for your specific fixture. Each bulb has a full description of features, annual cost savings and where that bulb can be used. Kaydas bulbs are also great for replacing bulbs in strange or hard to reach places, since you can install the Kaydas bulb and then not have to worry about replacing it for many years. Another way Kaydas sets themselves apart from other lighting companies is their Fundraising Program. Non-profit organizations can set up a web page that allows them to sell the bulbs and a portion of the profits will go directly toward their organization, plus it will help spread the word that there are safe, efficient alternatives to the bulbs available on the market today.

Changing a light bulb may seem like a small thing, but if done right it can have a big impact. Not only can using the right bulb have a positive impact on the environment, it can have a positive impact on your energy consumption while reducing the cost of lighting your home or business over the life of the bulbs you use. Kaydas has done all the work of offering the most efficient, safest and most cost effective bulbs available. All you have to do is change the bulb, sit back, relax and enjoy the effects of your eco-friendly lights.


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