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January 18, 2018 / 2:25 pm EST

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Kirei: Clean, Beautiful and Sustainable Building Supplies
Kirei: Clean, Beautiful and Sustainable Building SuppliesDec 9, 2009

Green architecture and design is more than a low-impact alternative to traditional building when you choose Kirei design materials.  Kirei panels and tiles are sustainable, natural, nontoxic – and most importantly, Kirei’s selection of eco-friendly building supplies are elegantly beautiful.

About Kirei Architectural Supplies

Four eco-friendly options are currently available from Kirei, offering a natural and sustainable alternative to builders and interior designers.  Since 2003, Kirei has prided themselves in supplying the architectural world with clean, green building supplies. 

All panels and tiles are manufactured from reclaimed agricultural fibers – materials that would otherwise be discarded or burned.  Low or no-formaldehyde adhesives are used to minimize or eliminate VOC emissions.  Kirei building supplies also meet the stringent requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and qualify for credits in LEED certification.

Kirei building supplies are used in an assortment of applications, including commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential design.  Common uses include:

  • Retail display fixtures;
  • Chic bars for restaurants and lounges;
  • Bathroom vanities;
  • Receptionist desks;
  • Intriguing residential wall coverings;
  • Furniture design, including tables, storage units, and accessories;
  • Interior doors;
  • Cabinetry;
  • And sustainable flooring.

The Kirei Collection

Kirei Board

The unused stalks of the rapidly growing Sorghum plant are recycled in the manufacturing of these eco-friendly building panels.  A water-based adhesive is used in production, eliminating VOC emissions and improving indoor air quality.  The boards are an ideal green alternative to wood, perfect for cabinetry and furniture.

Kirei Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing renewable resources and creates a chic, contemporary look for interior design.  Kieri’s bamboo panels are made with low-or-no-added formaldehyde adhesive to qualify for LEED certification.  The newest addition to the Kirei bamboo line is Chocolate – a deep, sophisticated look for bamboo.


Made with otherwise discarded wheat stalks and a formaldehyde-free adhesive, wheatboard is a low impact alternative to traditional wood particleboard.  The use of wheat stalks reduces landfill waste while also protecting the valuable hardwoods typically used in MDF production.

Coco Tiles

Discarded coconut shells are transformed into amazing patterns, textures, and colors to create the innovative Kirei coco tiles and panels.  Coco tiles are extremely versatile, with the ability to be used horizontally or vertically, and can serve numerous design functions.  An FSC-certified plywood backer and low or no-VOC glues and resins make these building supplies even more eco-friendly.

For more information about Kirei’s sustainable building supplies , to request samples, or to locate a local Kirei dealer, visit the website. 

By Danielle Bullard




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