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January 20, 2018 / 5:42 am EST

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Mohawk Flooring
Mohawk FlooringOct 8, 2013
Making a Big Green Difference

There aren't many companies in the world who can say they divert 3 billion pounds of waste from landfills every year. Especially not a company with a global reputation and reach, and a history dating back to more than one hundred years. But for Mohawk Flooring, the fact that they keep waste from landfills, recycle billions of plastic bottles into carpet fibers, reuse scrap wood or continuously reuse waste water at some of their ceramic tile manufacturing facilities is almost as important as their pledge to deliver a flooring product that is durable, high-quality, and beautiful!

Since the company's beginning in 1878, they have worked steadily through furnishing trends and economic ups and downs to sustain their position as an innovative and forward-thinking flooring company, and more recently to cement their status as a green industry leader. You've heard of the "3 R's," and to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and the planet, Mohawk Flooring adds another: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Renew. Although their main product is flooring, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpet for commercial and residential buildings, their main message is one of eco-responsibility and sustainability.

Mohawk's green philosophy is summed up with the GreenWorks program which oversees their many green initiatives and projects across all flooring categories. Since the company introduced a focus on greener flooring, they have introduced innovative green products to the market, such as reclaimed hardwood, carpets made from plastic bottles, and the popular "old rubber tire" welcome mats. They have also made real and lasting change in the world. In addition to that 3 billion pounds of waste that stays out of landfills, the company also produces over 500 products containing recycled materials, reuses one billion pounds of foam trim that would end up in landfills, and boasts green certifications from LEED to indoor air safety.

No matter which type of flooring you need, Mohawk offers a green and healthy version and even produces non-toxic cleaning supplies to help you take care of your new flooring or carpet. Mohawk carpets have long had a reputation for quality and durability. Mohawk's carpet options feature innovations such as plastic bottle fibers, carpet cushion from recycled material, and a lack of harmful substances like formaldehyde or toxic adhesives. Carpets are safe for your home, won't affect your health or that of the planet, and contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Mohawk also offers both Hardwood and laminate green flooring options. The hardwood collections come from building tear downs, and in some cases the beautifully weathered boards are several hundred years old! Tiles from Mohawk are stylish, beautiful and often created with waste tile and coated with Microban glaze.

There's nothing worse than installing new flooring, only to have to deal with spills, messes, and traffic wear on your new flooring. Mohawk knows this, have gone to great lengths to help customers enjoy their beautiful flooring, and help them keep their floors clean, shining and beautiful. The company developed a range of cleaning supplies that are free from toxins, surfactants, and chemicals. Instead, Mohawk's formulas rely on a formula of salt, baking soda and washing soda for floors that are clean and beautiful, streak free, and quick to dry. The cleaners are safe and effective, allowing you to worry less about your pets or children touching the product bottles or the flooring, plus they will do no harm to the environment.

Mohawk Flooring draws on over one hundred years of flooring expertise, and now with their focus on green and sustainable flooring options, they’re positioned to provide flooring for generations of homes a hundred years in the future.


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