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January 18, 2018 / 2:39 pm EST

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Real Goods Solar
Real Goods SolarMar 22, 2015
The Humble Goal of Changing the World

Every so often a company comes along that goes where no other company has gone before. The Real Goods Store is one of those companies that breaks new ground and opens up doors for people all over the world.

The Real Goods Store, founded in 1978, is the original online seller of solar living goods. They offer a huge range of products that make it possible for people to take their impact on the environment and the way they use energy into their own hands in a sustainable, affordable way. Based in Mendocino County, California they serve the energy needs of those who wish to sustain their own energy load through solar power.

One of the ways they demonstrate their love for low impact living is through their showroom in California. At 5,000 square feet, it is the world’s largest straw bale showroom and it is passively cooled and heated to illustrate the benefits of using less energy to keep a building at a comfortable temperature. The Real Goods Store is responsible for the first retail sale of solar panels and this showroom shows their amazing prowess in the field of self-sustainability.

The Real Goods Store began the private solar living movement, with the book “The Solar Living Source Book,” which is the first book of its kind.  It has sold over 600,000 copies and is available in over 40 countries worldwide. Now in its 13th edition, it continues to evolve with the improvement of solar living technology, making the information needed to reduce energy impact or achieve energy independence available to anyone who wants to learn.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that The Real Goods Store is limited to only books and solar panels. They offer a huge variety of products that aid people trying to reduce their carbon footprint, run a homestead, or achieve self-sustainability.  If you want to start solar living from scratch, they have everything you could possibly need. From charge controllers, inverters and batteries to meters, monitors, and solar water pumps. Any electrical component you need to get started can be found at the Real Goods Store. From 320 watt panels to 80 watt panels and whatever size you need in between, at very reasonable prices.

While solar living is the flagship of the Real Goods Store, they also sell supplies for outdoor living and preparedness. Water filters, solar cookers, solar battery chargers, and lanterns are just the beginning of what they can outfit you with for your next hiking trip or for your cabin in the woods. They also have solar flashlights, medical kits and a portable solar generator.

For those who want to take their self-reliance to the next level, they also have a large supply of homesteading and off-grid supplies, including an eco-fan that is powered by the heat of a wood stove. For your garden, they have a vermicomposting set up (worms that accelerate the composting process of your kitchen scraps) and a rotating compost barrel for a more traditional composting process. They even have things as simple as bristle wooden brushes for cleaning, and large, beautiful area rugs made from recycled material.

Of course, they also sell their ever popular solar living book, but they also sell various books on other eco-conscious, self-sufficient subjects. If you want to learn how to cook with the sun, or the best way to conserve and store water, they have books for that as well as books on the basics of permaculture or how to start a small backyard chicken flock.

The Real Goods Store has everything you need to build your knowledge base about lowering your use of the earth’s resources for energy, lessening your impact on the environment or becoming self-reliant. If you want to switch over to solar electricity, the Real Goods Store has the book you need, and every supply you would need to make the switch, whether you want to switch some of your electricity needs over or take the plunge and go all out.

Whether your goal is to protect the environment by using less energy, or to go completely off grid, the Real Goods Store is the only company that provides everything you need. Consider making the Real Goods Store your one stop shop for all your solar, homesteading, and energy efficiency needs. 


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