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January 18, 2018 / 2:25 pm EST

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Silver Walker Sustainable Cabinetry
Silver Walker Sustainable CabinetryMay 22, 2012
Beautiful, Healthy Custom Cabinets

Anyone who has researched upgrading old cabinets or installing new cabinetry in the kitchen or other rooms in the house may wonder how important it is to make sure the new cabinets are "green." It turns out that the overall air quality of the house, the use of healthy finishes and the use of sustainable wood has a positive impact on the beauty and safety of the home and the future of the planet. Silver Walker Sustainable Cabinetry understands how important it is to design, craft and install the most beautiful cabinetry while keeping eco-consciousness as a top priority. Whether it's a new kitchen, beautiful bathroom cabinetry or installed cabinets for an office or media room, Silver Walker Sustainable Cabinetry offers high-quality custom cabinetry that isn't just nice to look at, it's durable and healthy for the environment.

Silver Walker Sustainable Cabinetry is owned by William Walker, a Certified Green Building Professional, licensed contractor, and cabinet maker. Using sustainable wood, responsible finishes and a unique design process, this cabinet maker can craft the custom cabinetry of your dreams for any room in your home. Silver Walker stands out from the crowd for the beautifully crafted cabinetry alone, but what truly sets them apart is their Online Design Center. Using state-of-the-art design software allows designers to select Silver Walker cabinets, place them in a virtual environment, specify exact measurements and send completed orders directly to the manufacturing facility. This process allows clients to see the cabinets as they will truly look, and saves them from having to order lists of individual items.

Choosing from among the four programs Silver Walker offers helps clients pick the best option to fit their style and budget. Each of the four programs take from four to eight weeks to complete once ordered. Within each program are endless options for clients to choose from, ensuring that the design, wood types, finishes, construction, time frame, and budget are completely customized. The "Studio" program offers frameless construction, and low-VOC water-based coating. Clients who choose the "Craftsman" program can expect frameless cabinets with a choice of 25 door styles and 35 finishes, and a completion time of six weeks. "Heritage" cabinets are solid wood face framed cabinets with the same large variety of door and finish styles. The Fusion program can offer horizontal grain doors of renewable Bamboo, finished in low-VOC coating in six weeks time.

In addition to offering environmentally-friendly, sustainable Bamboo wood and low-VOC finishes, Silver Walker proudly follows other eco-conscious practices. No particle board is used in the cabinets, which is important for the continued health of the home after the cabinets are installed. Any particleboard contains formaldehyde, which causes off gassing and can greatly affect the air quality of the home and, in particular, cause problems for children. Materials used in the construction of Silver Walker cabinets are green, safe for families and can positively affect the air quality of your home.

Having beautifully crafted, durable cabinetry in your home is an integral part of any design plan. Choosing green cabinetry positively impacts the design, the health of your home, and the health of the planet. Silver Walker Sustainable Cabinetry can make the sustainable cabinets of your dreams a reality.

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