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December 16, 2017 / 9:17 pm EST

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ThinkGlassMay 13, 2013
Adds Class to Your Home

ThinkGlass knows that most people think glass is just for windows. Chances are, people don't immediately think of glass when they are poring through materials to use for home improvement projects like countertops, new stairways, or accent walls. But ThinkGlass also knows that once people see how glass can transform a project from ho hum to heavenly, they'll never look at it the same way again. From a small bathroom remodel, to the addition of a countertop or stair treads, or even a massive outdoor panel for a commercial space, ThinkGlass can create an eco-friendly masterpiece made from glass.

In the beginning, ThinkGlass was just two men with an idea and a small, empty room. Glass manufacturer Bertrand Charest and glass artist Michel Mailhot decided to combine their talents and opened ThinkGlass in 1999. Today, the company that makes glass countertops, walls, stair treads, art fixtures and more is housed in a 30,000 square foot space in Boisbriand, Canada, and employs 18 high-quality ovens to fulfill their orders. Their glass work has been featured in private homes, world famous venues, including Montreal's Triad Lobby and the MGM Casino in Detroit, and has been used for well-known fixtures like the Bellagio Hotel's Chocolate Fountain.

If you are thinking about glass in a traditional sense, as a thin pane for windows in houses and cars, or for glass tabletops and decorative items, your perception may be that it is delicate or easily broken. However, the type of glass work done by ThinkGlass will turn all your glass perceptions on their head. The use of glass is eco-friendly, durable, and extremely versatile. In order to create their one-of-a-kind glass masterpieces, ThinkGlass takes sheets of glass and fuses them together until they form a thick and durable surface. The fun part is that every style and type of project can be customized to create the look you are hoping to achieve.

Each ThinkGlass project has its own unique size, shape, and design, giving it a completely individual feel. Truthfully, the options are endless! Left natural, the glass has a pale green tint and a clear, ice-like finish. Or you may want your glass to be embedded with texture, from ripples to swirls to crackles. The edges of your custom glass piece can be polished, textured, or brushed. There's no need to worry about the strength or durability of the piece, since the right amount of thickness - anything over 11.5 inches - makes the glass as hard as rock. Glass is also hygienic, can be exposed to high heat without any issues, is stain-proof, can hide fingerprints and scratches when textured, and is practically maintenance-free.

Then there's the special treatment your glass project receives if it is custom designed by Master Glass crafter Michel Mailhot. Pieces done by ThinkGlass with Mailhot's special touch are immediately recognizable for the swirling, brightly colored designs embedded in the glass. To create his masterworks, Mailhot heats the piece in one of the shop's electric ovens in a process known as glass thermo fusion. Before placing the item in the oven, however, he paints on the glass, and then stirs up sand already in the oven to help the glass's texture. The painted piece is placed on the sand and heated. Once it is removed from the oven, it is carefully polished. Suddenly, an ordinary piece of thick glass has been transformed into a unique and functional piece of art.

ThinkGlass products are extremely eco-friendly. Not only is glass a sustainable resource, it is healthy for your home, too. Projects using ThinkGlass pieces can earn 10 LEED for Homes points or 23 NAHB Model Green Home points. The glass is 100% recyclable, maintains a healthy air quality, does not contain radon like granite, and is safe and hygenic for food preparation. It’s non-porous, making it a good choice for Kosher kitchens, too!

Picture your entryway with an amazing glass tread staircase that is dramatic, strong, and safe. Or think about having a softly LED-lit countertop as the focal point of your kitchen. If you are a commercial space or business in need of a memorable display, a ThinkGlass wall, sculpture or outdoor display is a lasting and environmentally-friendly option. Once you see how beautiful, easy, and durable glass is for your project, you'll never think of glass in the same old tired way again. Instead, for an unexpected statement . . . ThinkGlass!

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