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January 20, 2018 / 5:40 am EST

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Trikeenan Tileworks
Trikeenan TileworksAug 5, 2012
Beautiful, Sustainable Tiles for a Unique Look

New Hampshire-based Trikeenan Tileworks offers something unique for your next home project: tile that is both handmade and sustainably produced. Their ceramic tile and brick are available in a wide range of designs and beautifully glazed colors, for any area of your home, whether it be a colorful mosaic to set off the backsplash of your kitchen range or a durable and beautiful tiled floor.

Trikeenan Tileworks, named for two of the co-owners' children, Trina and Keenan, opened in 1989 as a way for Kristin and Stephen Powers to run a business that combined their love of design with a commitment to the environment and giving back to the local community. For Kristin and Stephen, it was important to operate a green business, not just a company with green practices. Their commitment to sustainable operation shows up in every facet of their production process, from obtaining materials to the shipping process. Trikeenan’s commitment to green means multiple benefits to their customers, including a beautiful, durable and unique product; LEED credits for green building projects; and a healthier product for the home or commercial building.

All Trikeenan tiles are produced according to high environmentally-friendly standards. Bricks are 100% post industrial recycled, and the ceramic tiles are hand made for unique and beautiful variations. All finishes and glazes used by Trikeenan are water-based, 100% VOC-free both during production and after installation, and some glazes are post-industrial recycled to ensure that no factory glaze sludge from previous tile orders is wasted. Instead, the waste is collected and reformulated to be used as a highly durable new finish. Other eco-conscious measures undertaken by Trikeenan to ensure high green compliance include the use of post-consumer crushed glass, the use of some locally sourced tile and brick, local recycling of scrap clay in road beds, and paper and cardboard recycling. This includes shipping orders in previously used boxes.

Trikeenan is based in the Northeast United States, with two manufacturing facilities, one in West Swanzey, NH and one in Hornell, NY. The company is able to offer customers within a 500 mile radius the LEED 500-Mile regional credit, which means that customers in parts of 18 states, Washington DC and three Canadian providences qualify for the credit. Also, customers who use the Trikeenan tile or brick in their home projects can receive LEED credits for their project. The company makes is easy and simple for their customers to view and order brick or tile, with brochures available at their website, over 140 dealers across the US, Canada, and even Great Britan, and a variety of seconds, overstocks and returns available at their showroom for deep discounts.

No matter what type of tile or brick you need for your project, Trikeenan has the style and color combination that is just right. Their products are crafted to withstand wear-and-tear, water, and indoor or outdoor use, making them perfect for floors, counters, walls, showers, swimming pools, fireplaces, commercial and hospitality installation, and edging of projects with a selection of trim styles. The availability of healthy and earth friendly glazes offered by Trikeenan means that your tile project will be beautiful and unique to your space, whether you envision bold or subtle color. Finish options include both matte and glossy, with over 50 color variations available, plus special finish effects such as crackle. The unique glazing process Trikeenan uses produces a distinctive, deep finished look, for color that is multifaceted and one-of-a-kind.

If you’re looking for a way to transform your indoor or outdoor living space, Trikeenan has a solution for your home that is beautiful, sustainable, and sure to get people talking. With the variety of styles, colored glaze finishes and patterns to choose from, you can find just the right tile or brick from Trikeenan Tileworks to create the project of your dreams that will be beautiful, durable and healthy for both your home and the environment.

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