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January 20, 2018 / 5:52 am EST


Aura at Camelback
Aura at CamelbackOct 21, 2012
Will Be Phoenix's First Sustainable Luxury Community

Situated on two acres of beautifully landscaped desert, the community of Aura at Camelback will provide residents with the opportunity to live in sustainable luxury. It's not just another development. Instead, it will be a community of homes that are efficient, healthy and innovative. The Aura experience will be unlike any other because the thirty-six homes in the community will be carefully balanced between green features and luxurious living. It's this balance that inspired the Aura slogan, which urges people to “Live Life in Balance.” To homeowners and to the entire surrounding community, this is not just a nice saying, but instead it perfectly describes the type of lifestyle one can expect when they purchase an Aura at Camelback home.

The community of Aura at Camelback will consist of thirty-six luxury town homes that are available in six different floor plans. Every home will feature an underground garage, private elevators, a bonus room off the garage, energy efficient features built right into the home, and solar energy features. The Aura concept was developed by Catalyst Communities, a Phoenix-based company. The community and homes were designed by Senior Rae Cristoff Architecture, a local Phoenix firm that was instrumental in planning the design based on the idea that architecture can create positive change. Urban Edge Builders, a company that is well-versed in green construction and building sustainably, will be responsible for the construction of Aura. The planners and developers of the community broke ground in March of 2008, and families began moving in to Aura in 2009.  Unfortunately, due to the downturn in the real estate market, the development remains unfinished to date.

The green features of Aura at Camelback will be numerous. The planning of the community includes built in energy-efficiency in the form of water saving measures, the use of eco-friendly design both indoors and out, and the extensive use of solar energy. The entire process of creating the community, building it, and ensuring that the residents would be able to live green long into the future began with the idea that residents could have it both ways. They will be able to purchase and live in sustainable and luxurious homes that reflect their own unique style while also creating less of a burden on the planet. The use of solar energy alone in each Aura home will have the potential to bring about an 80-100% reduction on energy costs for each home, while also providing all the power residents need to live a comfortable lifestyle. The design of Aura is so green, in fact, that it wil become the largest LEED Silver Certified community in the United States. The community will be able to boast that the homes are “Zero Energy Homes,” which is further indication that energy efficiency and environmentally responsible features are among the most important aspects of the Aura community.

The other unique aspect of Aura is the concept of community. Aura's planners made sure that the design and layout of the development was conducive to a sense of community among residents. It'll be apparent in the friendly touches that will be included in creating Aura, like the ability of any resident to walk safely to nearby shopping, restaurants, and other necessities, as the community's roads are vehicle-free. This, coupled with Aura's underground parking, will allow designers to create the community using no asphalt or cement. It's all part of the Life in Balance philosophy of Aura. This concept is based on Catalyst Communities' work in researching the recent changes in the American lifestyle. Today's residents want to feel like they belong to a community with strong ties to one another, and they want to live in homes that are energy efficient and eco-friendly. However, many people want to include these concepts in their place of residence without having to give up the sense of luxury that comes with living in a home that is well designed and features all the modern conveniences, and high end touches, that one would expect from a new home.

The Aura at Camelback philosophy embraces all of the things people want in a modern home: a well-designed, energy-efficient residence, beautiful surroundings, access to necessities, and a strong sense of community. In addition, Aura will provide a sustainable living option that doesn't compromise on lifestyle or aesthetics. The balanced life residents are able to enjoy at Aura at Camelback will ensure that the balance of nature is not upset by the homes that make up this desert community.


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