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January 20, 2018 / 5:53 am EST


Issaquah Highlands
Issaquah HighlandsFeb 24, 2010
Green Living

With gorgeous townhomes and houses, plenty of places to play and exercise, and top-notch shopping, Issaquah Highlands brings the true meaning of ‘community’ to Northwest Washington. It’s a close-knit neighborhood, where the residents place eco-consciousness at the top of their list – right up there with family values and fun!

About the Community

Located north of I-90, Issaquah Highlands is a planned community that is a diverse mix of single and multi-family homes, as well as people of all backgrounds and incomes.  The neighborhood features a balanced blend of commercial and recreational attractions that provides residents and visitors alike with everything they could ask for. The community includes:

*  More than 1500 acres of parks and open space, where families and individuals can enjoy nature, picnic, play and exercise.  This includes two dog parks for the furrier residents of Issaquah Highlands.

*  High Street, a shopper’s paradise – including cafés, spas, a ballet studio, pet boutiques and a variety of small shops and stores.  More are expected to enter now that the area is open for leasing.

*  The Nation’s First Zero Energy Neighborhood – Construction started in 2008 on zHome, which will consist of 10 attached townhomes that zero net energy, 60% less water, low-toxicity materials and more. The neighborhood will provide an easily replicable formula that developers can use to create zero energy neighborhoods anywhere.  

Approximately 3.9 million square feet of LEED-certified commercial and retail space are expected to be built as Issaquah Highlands continues to grow.  Residents of the community say going ‘green’ is very important to them, and in fact, it’s the reason many of them have joined the growing community. Mark and Karla Olson, Highlands residents, say, “There is definitely a reduction in utilities.  Our water bill is less and the maintenance is lower.  We recycle more and use plastic less.  That’s all part of living green.”

Eco-Friendly Aspects

Along with every new home being built to green specifications, the retail, residential and commercial buildings will also meet LEED requirements.  All new homes built since 2006 will meet Built Green 4 star levels with Energy Star certifications.  The community center and firehouse are LEED silver buildings, which the vegetation on the salon/spa roof reduces rainwater runoff.  There are on-site rock and concrete recycling for construction, and local area wetlands protection.

Issaquah Highlands is the winner of over 18 environmental stewardship awards since 1995, and are currently a 2010 finalist in ‘America’s Community of the Year,’ sponsored by the National Association of Homebuilders.

By Samantha Cummings


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