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January 20, 2018 / 5:52 am EST


Skokomish Farms
Skokomish FarmsApr 28, 2013
Live In A Village Around A Farm

Sometimes the nostalgia of yesterday hazes our view and makes us forget that much of living in the past was hard work and sacrifice. Still the perception remains that times were simpler, people were friendlier, and the Earth was green, clean, and abundant. Many people think that it would be wonderful to go back to that simpler life, if only for a little while. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to live the simpler life of yesteryear, while still enjoying all the conveniences of today's modern world? The idea behind Skokomish Farms, an environmental community to be located on over 700 acres of farmland in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, is to capture that feeling of a simpler, healthier life with a sustainable on-site farm and pristine wilderness. The development will enable 18 families to live in beautifully crafted, modern home sites that are individually designed and built.

The land the Skokomish Farms community is to be built upon has a long history as rich farmland, dating back to 1901 when the Reichert family first settled there. Certainly the area was beautiful wilderness, with Mount Rainier to the east, the Olympic Mountains to the North, and the Skokomish River flowing through the western and southern portion of the land. Everything necessary for a self-reliant life was there: the salmon in the river, abundant wildlife, and rich soil for growing crops. Over the years, the land was a dairy farm, a beef cattle ranch, and a hay farm. Today, the owners of the land are hoping to share in a sustainable farming opportunity with landowners who purchase one of the 18 forty-acre parcels of land. The farm will be professionally managed and offer organic food directly to homeowners, who can choose to participate in the farming venture, or who can simply enjoy life in Skokomish farms and reap the benefits of the farm by purchasing healthy, local produce.

While the operation of a sustainable farm is a life's dream for the owners of the land, they hope that they can share in the bounty they have been given by providing a beautiful, natural, active life to the families who purchase a home site within the gates of Skokomish Farms. Each site is to be uniquely designed for the homeowner, with no restrictions as to the size of the home, or the style. The only stipulation is that the roof color and siding blend into the land. During the planning phase, homeowners can consult with a local architect, who is a member of the original Reichert family, or choose their own home designer. Homeowners are encouraged to incorporate green design principles into their home, including alternative energy, a waste disposal system rather than a standard septic system, and any other green concepts that will help preserve and protect the natural environment of the Olympic Peninsula.

Each home site is a three to ten acre parcel of land within a remaining 35 acres that will be placed under a conservational agricultural easement with all the other landowners. This combined land will form the sustainable farm that will grow crops and support livestock such as horses, cows, lambs, goats, and chickens. The opportunity is there for any family to learn about the maintenance and operation of the farm, from growing produce, to tending to the animals to doing farm chores, but only if each family chooses. The land is also perfect for fishing, trail riding, boating on the nearby river, rafting, and other outdoor activities, plus the area is located close to several large cities, such as the state capitol, Olympia.

Building your home in Skokomish Farms will bring you a unique way of life. Getting up every morning to the views of the rivers and mountains. You and your family tending to the animals on the farm, or enjoying a nature walk in the nearby forests. If you are open to learning to farm, or are already experienced, the rewards are many, and you can even start your own business based on the farm products you help produce. Your home can be the dream home you've always wanted, a home that is cozy, welcoming, and environmentally friendly. Once inside the gates of Skokomish Farms, as you head down the drive toward your home site, you may believe that it is possible to return to a time when life was simple and wholesome, right in the middle of our modern world.


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