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January 20, 2018 / 5:54 am EST


Maytag Ranch
Maytag RanchApr 5, 2014
Living the Sustainable Cowboy Life in Colorado

Have you ever dreamed of living on the vast open range, where the land meets the sweeping mountain views and the endless blue sky? Maytag Ranch, a working cattle ranch set on almost 3,000 acres of land in southern Colorado, is offering that opportunity to 29 families. This exclusive group of homeowners will be able to select among 25 planned 100-acre homesteads, or four custom Ranch Homes built on 50-acre sites, and be immersed in the Colorado cowboy lifestyle. Hunting and fishing, horseback riding, or just sitting on the rustic porch to take in the sweeping mountain views with your morning mug of coffee, it’s all available when your family becomes Maytag Ranch homeowners. Live the life of your dreams, while helping preserve an American legacy.

Maytag is a certified organic beef cattle ranch that has been in operation since 1978. Through the years, the Maytag family added acreage to their original homestead, while staying true to the spirit of the old West. The 300-head herd of cattle starts life on the ranch and is raised by ranch workers, ranchers work the land on horseback, and cattle graze on native grass. The vision of a working and productive ranch always included environmental sustainability. Cattle are rotated to allow the land to rest. The ranch also farms their own gardens and orchards. No pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizers are used. And the ranch is also home to free range chickens and working horses.

Families who purchase or build homes at Maytag Ranch can become as immersed in the ranching way of life as they choose. Perhaps one family’s preference is to enjoy living in the beautiful Colorado outdoors and they thrive on relaxing while taking in the beautiful mountain and stream views. Other families may want to tend to the gardens, assist with the ranching operations, become better horsemen, or take advantage of the many outdoor activities. The possibilities are nearly endless, and include bow hunting, hiking, fishing, winter sports, rafting, and ranch activities. At Maytag Ranch, it’s all possible and it simply depends on the vision each family creates of their new ranch lifestyle.

Presently, there are four custom ranch homes available, and 25 100-acre lots for planned future builds. Families who want to design their dream ranch home can purchase the Homestead option and work to build their home using natural wood, stone, and granite. Homes are 2,200 square feet and feature an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, radiant floor heat, ample energy-efficient low-E windows, custom kitchens, and professional landscaping.

 Homeowners also gain access to many amenities at Maytag Ranch. Families can bring up to two horses to live at Ranch Central, use two guest cabins for family and friends to visit, use the great lodge, and become members of the Homeowner’s Association. Owners also have a voice in the operation of Maytag, and receive a quarter of beef yearly, plus eggs, fruit and garden vegetables.

Living the ranch lifestyle is a dream come true for many families, but unlike the Old West, a life on Maytag Ranch comes with all the pleasures of modern living. There is DSL at each home site for internet access. The nearest convenience store is located in nearby Cotopaxi, while all of the shopping, medical services, and dining opportunities are located in Salida or Westcliffe. Colorado Springs and Denver International airports are located 80 to 140 miles from Maytag Ranch, while more local airports offer many services to local residents. Denver is a two and a half hour drive.

Maytag Ranch homeowners become part of a thriving business. The ranch produces highly sought after beef the old fashioned way: by raising the cattle responsibly and humanely, with great regard for the well-being of the animals, and for the land. Cattle are never sent to feed lots. Owners pay an assessment, split equally among themselves, to help operate the ranch, and in doing so gain a voice in the ranch’s operations. The ranch easement allows homeowners access to the entire ranch for bow hunting, fishing, exploring and outdoor activities.

Are you looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity, a chance to be a part of a thriving enterprise and also live the life of your dreams on Colorado’s open range? Maytag Ranch offers 29 lucky families this opportunity to make a life for themselves and to preserve a piece of the American past for future generations.

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