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January 20, 2018 / 6:02 am EST


The Community of Serenbe
The Community of Serenbe Nov 20, 2011
Offers a Unique Way of Life

If you’ve ever wished for a way to mix modern convenience with an old-fashioned sense of community, then Serenbe may be a wish come true. The Serenbe community is located 45 minutes from Atlanta, GA in the Chattahoochee Hill Country, a 40,000 acre parcel of protected land. Just twenty percent of that acreage was allowed to be developed. But the Serenbe community isn’t just any development. This community was built with a plan to integrate the homes, shops and businesses into the land while creating a close knit community of people who want to live a healthy life. Calling Serenbe home is more than just having a place to live, it’s about having a lifestyle that pulls the best parts of modern life together with the simple pleasures of a bygone era.

As part of the last bit of undeveloped land near Atlanta, the 900 acres that form Serenbe allowed the founders the chance to build a community that was unlike traditional modern developments. From the very beginning, Serenbe was based on a commitment to sustainable, healthy living. Instead of invading the land to build the community, the creators of Serenbe worked to integrate the community into the land by preserving the natural landscape, using natural materials for building and integrating natural vegetation. Instead of a network of paved streets, the planners created walking and biking trails and minimized the need for chemical pesticides by using organic landscaping. Residents of Serenbe get to experience and enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings as a normal part of everyday life. For example, along with the miles of hiking, there is a riding stable and trails for horseback riding and an organic farm that supplies the community and the greater Atlanta area with healthy produce.

A home in Serenbe is as special as the community itself. Residents can express their own individual style by choosing among estate style homes, cottages or townhomes with a more urban feel. Built in accordance with the EarthCraft House Program, each home is designed for healthy living and low energy costs. These homes are great for homeowners and also eco-conscious, featuring natural and sustainable materials, low maintenance, safe and healthy indoor air quality and water conservation. Serenbe sensibly manages community water collection by having a storm water plan in place to help protect the natural environment by naturally removing water pollutants and uses natural runoff systems instead of concrete spillways. Wastewater is also treated without chemicals in a way that allows for reuse.

With much careful thought and planning given to the feel of the Serenbe community, the planners created three different “hamlets,” Mado, Selborne and Grange. Each hamlet features a distinctive feel, allowing residents to choose the community that is right for them. Mado is in development and is planned as an upscale community offering balanced living. Selbourne is focused on the arts, and Grange is a farm community. Each community has homes, shops, natural outdoor features such as lakes and forests, and public places for residents to gather and form a sense of friendship and community.

Whether you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, a beautiful place to live or an old-fashioned sense of community, Serenbe offers something for everyone. Surrounded by beautiful green landscapes, with a short drive to the bustling Southern city of Atlanta, a home in the Serenbe community offers an experience that is truly unique. Here is the chance to truly meld the modern luxuries that make day-to-day living comfortable with the values and traditions of a simpler time.

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