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December 16, 2017 / 9:14 pm EST


Wild Rock
Wild Rock Oct 6, 2010
West Virginia's Eco Village

Tucked away in the mountains of West Virginia is a unique community built on the foundations of sustainable development. Wild Rock is a luxury eco-village set in the New River Gorge National Park. Off the beaten path, Wild Rock offers community residents both a natural sanctuary and the adventures of an outdoor lifestyle.

The birth of Wild Rock

The concept of Wild Rock is “to demonstrate to people that a thoughtful community development can live in harmony with a national park and that one can complement the other,” explains Carl Frischkorn, Principal of Wild Rock. Carl was searching for a unique natural location to highlight the principles of sustainable design practices. He came across the New River Gorge and immediately saw the potential for his vision to become a reality. “National Park staff, the local community of Fayetteville, the adventure outfitting industry and Wild Rock  were all receptive to this approach”, says Carl, “and a partnership was formed to create a light touch community highlighting the natural beauty and features of the region.” And so Wild Rock was born.

Built on sustainable design principles

The basis behind the Wild Rock eco-village is in providing 150 sites for multi-generational homes designed on key sustainable community attributes. In part guided by the Hannover Principles of architectural design, the homes are low impact and integrate with the surrounding environment. The sustainable design features of the community include preservation of the natural environment and a sharing of common lands. View shafts around the buildings have been protected and open spaces preserved for use by both nature and the community. 

A range of sustainable design home building practices have been incorporated. For example, gravel roads mean that rain water is able to percolate back into the water table. Low pressure septic systems that are self contained have been used in the homes. Inside, high efficient energy star rated appliances make sure that energy used is limited. High efficiency windows with solar shields and passive solar design ensure the use of the most sustainable energy supply in the world, the sun, is maximized. Local suppliers have been used where possible to both avoid transportation waste and to support the local communities. Any landscaping has been done with native species only.

Modern luxury in a natural setting

One of Wild Rock’s greatest assets that the residents take advantage of is its connection to the New River Gorge National Park. At Wild Rock you can plan your days based on the rhythms of the surrounding natural environment. The park provides access to miles of trails, scenic overlooks and the chance to interact with diverse native flora and fauna. There are fabulous biking trails just outside the front doors of the homes.

You don’t have to give up on any luxury. Wild Rock is located close to the charming historic town of Fayetteville, where there are plenty of amenities including lovely restaurants and shops providing all the supplies you will need. On the weekends the farmer’s market supplies fabulous local fresh produce. The nearby community of Tamarack offers fine local handcrafted work from accomplished West Virginia artisans. Charleston, West Virginia’s capital city is located close by. 

If a connected community set in a natural environment appeals to you, then check out Wild Rock at




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