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January 20, 2018 / 5:43 am EST

Furniture and Accessories

ABC Carpet & Home
ABC Carpet & HomeJun 24, 2014
New York’s Eco-Friendly Home Goods mecca

In 1897, an immigrant with a dream pushed a cart through the Lower East Side of Manhattan, selling his wares of used carpet and linoleum. Today, the descendants of that immigrant from Austria, Sam Weinrib, carry on his vision on a grand scale, as the company he began, ABC Carpet & Home, is now the largest carpet store in the world, and also offers furniture, home décor, several eateries and a Foundation that supports worthy causes locally and around the world. The company’s six-story Manhattan location contains nearly eight acres of space and sees a million visitors per year, thanks to the inviting and eclectic store displays of furniture, antiques, décor and fabric; the unparalleled shopping experience; and the company’s focus on sustainability and giving back.

 At one time, ABC Carpet & Home was dismissed as a discount carpet store, but that all changed when the founder’s daughter, Paulette, and her husband Evan, transformed the store in the mid- to late 1980’s. Paulette traveled the world and began to display the antiques and exotic finds she collected, while Evan was a shrewd businessman who was able to reposition the company as one that could offer high-class carpets, furniture and décor to families who appreciated both luxurious things and the thrill of a great deal. Today, ABC Carpet & Home is a destination shopping experience, with locations including the flagship store on Broadway in New York City, outlet stores, and a department within London’s famed Herrod’s Department Store.

The biggest draw for shoppers of ABC Carpet & Home, aside from the sheer number of items offered for sale, is the unique combination of ethnic items, charming accessories, antiques from all over the globe, and the company’s beautiful handmade decorative rug collections. In addition to offering an upscale inventory of home items, ABC Carpet & Home also gives residential and commercial customers access to their knowledgeable staff of professional decorators, who can assist them in planning their space, choosing items, coordinating delivery, and arranging the items in their homes to create personalized, relaxing, healthy spaces.

When the company began expanding their wares in the 1990’s to include gourmet kitchen items and specialty goods, it seemed a natural extension to incorporate a food experience into ABC Carpet & Home. Together with Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, ABC Carpet & Home opened the ABC Kitchen and the ABC Cochina, both located within the main ABC Broadway location. ABC Kitchen is a farm-to-table establishment featuring dishes that are sustainable and locally sourced. All items offered are free of toxic pesticides and insecticides, non-GMO, free of hormones and antibiotics, and seasonal. ABC Cocina offers an experience for diners, as they combine international fare, whole foods and carefully curated décor featuring items from the store. The company also features a marketplace offering carefully selected gourmet cooking items, spices, herbs, syrups, and more; and the ABC community-supported agriculture program, a membership-based service offering the Farm Lover vegetarian produce and specialty foods package, or the Farmer’ Choice package, which adds in organic free-range meat.

As a company with a long history of offering their customers the best the world has to offer, ABC Carpet & Home also does its part to ensure the world is well taken care of with The ABC Home & Planet Foundation. The Foundation focuses on supporting worthy social justice or environmental causes through the sale of gifts. The Charms for Change campaign supports victims of genocide in Darfur, while the Gifts of Compassion and Gifts to Visionary Organizations campaigns support selected organizations working towards noble goals, such as preserving wildlife, saving the rainforest or honeybees, providing adequate housing, or ensuring clean water. ABC Carpet & Home is also committed to providing customers with environmentally conscious products and makes use of ABC icons, which designate whether a product is cruelty free, organic, made with fair trade labor, handmade, local, recycled, and a host of other planet and people friendly designations.

ABC Carpet & Home has a long-standing history of providing customers with the tools they need to create the homes they love. It’s important to have spaces that make you feel inspired, comfortable, and creative. ABC Carpet & Home can help you turn your house into the home of your dreams with furniture and décor that is good for the eye, the soul, and ultimately, the planet.


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