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January 19, 2018 / 4:05 am EST

Furniture and Accessories

Anna Sova
Anna Sova Oct 22, 2010
The finest in luxurious eco-living

Anna Sova Luxury Organics offers one of the most beautiful and sumptuous range of organic cotton linen, eco-silk and hand woven ikat bedroom and bathroom furnishings. These are all designed to make your bedroom and bathroom as inviting and comfortable as possible. She has also included in the collections eco-friendly draperies, eco window hardware and essential oils, all of which are perfect accessories for the most luxurious of homes. 

Learning From The Past

As a young child, Anna Sova read her great-grandfather’s engineering books about London’s environmental problems in the late 1800’s. She firmly believes that we must learn from the history of our past. “If Americans become part of a global movement to improve the environment, we could save our planet,” says Anna, “as consumers of 60% of the world’s goods, we can change the world with our purchases!’

The consumer is becoming increasingly aware of the damage different growing and manufacturing practices can have on the environment. However, it still can be difficult to work out the differences in products when choosing an item. Conventional cotton is exposed to chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. The fabric can also often retain traces of these toxic chemicals when it arrives in a home. The natural cotton label can sometimes just be another name for conventional cotton. Anna Sova’s range is made from organic cotton that is certified to have been grown with no petrochemical pesticides, no toxic fertilizers, no dioxin bleaches and no formaldehyde or silicon sizing.

Eco-Friendly Materials For A Luxurious Finish 

The gorgeous and exquisite bedroom and bathroom products that Anna Sova makes are created from some of the most environmentally-friendly materials available. The alpaca wool product line is designed from nomadically-herded Peruvian alpaca’s that have not been treated with any fertilizers or pesticides. Any colouring of the material is done with eco-safe bleaches or azo-free dyes. As Anna Sova says “Buying products such as organic cotton sheets and towels from Anna Sova Luxury Organics shows an eco-responsible choice that doesn't require the loss of high-quality European finishing.”

Paint Almost Good Enough To Eat

Normal household paints contain a range of toxins and caustic chemicals. For people who care about the environment or are sensitive to chemicals, these paints can present a serious problem. In fact, some paints contain mutagens, which have been linked to damaging DNA and causing cancer. Anna Sova Luxury Organics has developed a collection of paints that are as healthy for you as they are for your walls. This paint collection, called Healthy Wall Finish, is made with up to 99% food grade ingredients. The texture and stucco finishes are made out of food-grade bamboo. Actually, this paint smells so good, a little bit like a vanilla milkshake, that it is almost tempting enough to eat! “In fact,” says Anna Sova, “this new wall finish is so environmentally safe that leftovers can be dumped into the garden compost heap without damaging the soil”. Plus there is no compromising on quality and design, as there are over 500 colors to choose from with the ability to match to other paints or sample of textile.

When you are looking for both natural and lavish home furnishings for your bedroom or bathroom, you should definitely have a look at Anna Sova’s beautiful and unique range at





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