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January 20, 2018 / 5:43 am EST

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Christian Rathbone
Christian RathboneApr 7, 2013
Graphic Rugs that are Natural & Sustainable

To designer Christian Rathbone, a rug is not just a rug. The rugs his company produces are a representation of his commitment to design aesthetics, mixed with a strong sense of social responsibility and Eco-consciousness. To many, a rug is just a floor covering that completes a design, or keeps your bare feet from touching a cold floor. But a Christian Rathbone rug makes an underfoot statement, and contributes to the health of your home and to the planet.

Christian Rathbone didn’t intend to design and create rugs for a living. But a trip to Turkey, his first trip out of the country, changed his outlook on life and the direction of his career. Surrounded by the vibrant colors of the Turkish marketplaces, the culture, and the ancient traditions that had been passed down for generations, he was inspired to start creating rugs and pillows through friendships he made with the expert weavers and craftspeople he came across during his stay. Making textiles as it has been done for thousands of years, rather than with modern manufacturing practices, ensures that a Christian Rathbone rug is a unique, hand-made piece of art that is of the highest quality and has the least environmental impact.

The process of making one of Rathbone’s bold, colorful, graphic rugs is precise and unhurried, which means the company will produce only about 160 highly coveted pieces a year. The rugs are made of sheep’s wool that is sheared humanely twice a year and then hand-spun into yarn by skilled Turkish craftspeople. In order to achieve the vibrant yarn colors used in the rug designs, the wool yarn is dyed using dyes that come from vegetation rather than chemicals. This “vegetale,” as it is called, comes from plants such as oak, madder root, chamomile, indigo and pomegranate. Once the wool yarn has been dyed, it is then sun dried and sent to the weavers, who carefully loom-weave and knot the rugs by hand. A completed rug is washed and stretched, to remove all the excess dye and to ensure the rug doesn’t shrink. Each rug takes about 3 months to weave.

The hallmark of a Christian Rathbone rug is the bold graphic designs weaved into each one. The simple silhouette of a woman against a rust red background. A tree with delicate branches stands out against a colored sky. Bold lines radiating out from an oval in contrasting brown and cream. These are the simple yet graphic designs that will become the focal point of any room. The rugs are both durable and long lasting, so customers can be assured that their new rug will stand the test of time. Since they are pre shrunk, they can withstand water spills with no damage.

A Christian Rathbone rug should last for up to 70 years or more depending on how it is used. Customers can choose one of the already-available styles, or choose to order a custom made rug, since all rugs are made to order, the company can easily make your rug a different shape, color or change the visual details. Even rugs made using the pre-existing designs will be unique, since there will be variations in color and weaving style for each rug. Your Christian Rathbone rug is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Are you looking for the perfect home decor item to complete your design? Or interested in placing a rug in your home that makes a bold statement? A Christian Rathbone rug will bring a unique piece of art into your home that will withstand the test of time and is a healthy choice for the environment and for your home.  Plus it ensures the traditional techniques used in rug-making will continue to be passed down, for the good of the people and the good of the planet.


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