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January 20, 2018 / 5:44 am EST

Furniture and Accessories

db Design Build
db Design BuildAug 15, 2012
Crafts Sustainable Furniture and Offers Unique Home Designs

Taking his cues from the natural world for his unique and innovative designs, David Brunicardi built his furniture and home design business on pairing functional yet beautiful pieces with the use of sustainable or rediscovered materials. All furniture designed by David Brunicardi Furniture is hand-crafted and made to order, so customers can be assured that their piece of furniture is unlike any other. While the furniture he designs was the backbone of his company, he recently expanded into designing and overseeing the construction of new homes that utilize his unique aesthetic and incorporate his approach to design within the home with built-ins, custom furniture pieces and architectural details. Whether you are looking for an interesting end table or a home to display it in, db Build Design can offer you the interesting, sustainable look you are seeking.

David Brunicardi is a self-taught furniture designer. In fact, his first business was in an entirely different industry: a café located in the North Beach area of San Francisco. He began dabbling in furniture on the side and eventually started his own line of furniture in 1998, named David Brunicardi Furniture, aimed at solving a problem unique to many Bay Area residents. How could they furnish the space-starved apartments that just couldn’t hold larger pieces? Brunicardi’s furniture was modern, modular and multi-purpose, while also taking advantage of reclaimed wood that provided interesting textures that contrasted nicely with his minimalist designs. Using fallen trees, old lumber, and other wood that was too imperfect for other woodworkers to use, he began to develop his own recognizable style. People in the city loved his storable, stackable designs that worked perfectly in cramped spaces, and people who appreciated good design snapped up his nature-inspired furniture shapes.

The storm that knocked down over 1,000 trees in a swampy area in the southern United States may have created a mess for the workers tasked with storm cleanup, but they provided David Brunicardi with the inspiration he needed to create his “swamp thing” furniture line. This is a collection of pieces including dining tables, coffee tables and breakfast tables created using the 200-year-old swamp wood. The result is one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that give new life to old trees and make use of the “imperfect” nature of the wood, such as knots and wormholes. It is this marriage of old material and new design that make Brunicardi’s pieces unlike any other. Other furniture designed by Brunicardi makes use of the natural curved shapes in nature, such as the wave coffee table, fashioned after the way that water flows.

Even after his design business became successful, Brunicardi kept his focus on continuing to use pleasing design, sustainable practices, and hand-crafted techniques. In fact, he made his pieces in a local shop with a handful of assistants. As his reputation grew, he continued to offer new lines of furniture and eventually began collaboration on the construction of a new home, utilizing his skills and sustainable practices. Soon he was in charge of the design and construction of a large home, and made the decision to expand his business. His new name, db Design Build reflected his new identity as both a furniture and home designer.

Db Design Build still crafts handmade furniture pieces that can be custom-ordered online and shipped to customers. His newest venture into home design means that future homeowners can have a custom-designed home featuring Brunicardi’s distinctive style, with nature-inspired designs and sustainable materials. With David Brunicardi’s furniture and home designs, you can have the best of both worlds: high-end design with low environmental impact.

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