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December 17, 2017 / 4:18 pm EST

Furniture and Accessories

EcoBalanza Jan 12, 2010
Sustainable Furniture

When outfitting your home with the finest eco-friendly furniture, you're sure to come across a multitude of artisan collections that combine organic, sustainable and other environmentally conscious materials. From stylish loungers to family-friendly durable fabrics, EcoBalanza offers sustainable furniture that makes planet-friendly interior design a satisfying and easy experience.

EcoBalanza Fabrics

As you settle into your sofa bed, chair or lounger, take care in knowing that the EcoBalanza materials touching your skin are natural or earth-friendly fabrics. Recycled soda bottles are used to create polyester fabrics that decrease the waste accumulating in landfills. For the rough and tumble lifestyle of eco-families and pets, browse the Eli, Chelan, and Round D collections, which offers hemp sofas and slipcovers – a material four times stronger than cotton. Organic wool delivers a luxurious, odor-resistant fabric originating from free-roaming sheep. All fabrics forego the use of harsh chemicals. In the end, purchasing EcoBalanza furniture helps cut down air, water and soil contamination.

EcoBalanza Materials

Sofa frames are comprised of FSC-certified wood that provide a solid foundation that doesn’t place endangered species and old growth trees in harm's way. Foam cushions use sustainably harvested rubber tree sap as a main ingredient. This natural latex foam is resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria – a renewable material that helps elevate the indoor air quality of your home. Other EcoBalanza sustainable furniture features include 100% solvent-free water-based glues, recycled steel coils, organic cotton, and organic wool batting.

Examples of EcoBalanza furniture include: 

* Cleo

Blending the allure of a Victorian fainting couch with modern elegance, the Cleo line of sustainable furniture offers eye-catching shades to match your personality. From carmine organic wool (shown) to pistachio recycled polyester, the luxury craftsmanship and distinct details shine in the deep tufting found across the backrest. Cleo furniture is available as a chair ($2,260), daybed ($2,260), 2-seat loveseat ($3,600), or 3-seat sofa ($4,555).

* Dolci

Choose this stylish lounger for its French stitching and sculpted stainless legs to liven up your living room. While EcoBalanza suggests the Dolci makes an ideal addition to an airy loft, the furniture has the makings of an excellent conversation piece for home and work offices. You may also order the Dolci style as an ottoman ($1,660), armless loveseat  ($3,805), loveseat with arms ($4,175), chaise –right arm ($3,955), chaise –left arm ($3,955), sectional –right arm ($4,405), and sectional –left arm ($4,405).

* Eli

Perhaps you'd like a piece of sustainable furniture that fits the needs of an active family environment. The Eli style takes the traditional look of sofas and loveseats and uplifts it a notch. The rounded arms and supportive back provides the right amount of comfort for movie night or cuddling by the fireplace. A washable slipcover creates a more functional piece of furniture. The Eli collection includes an ottoman ($1,695), chair ($2,635), 1-seat loveseat ($3,965), 2-seat sofa bed ($5,570), 2-seat extra long loveseat ($5,050), and 3-seat sofa ($5,620).

* Round-d

Haven't you heard? Less is more. When looking for a clean design, Round-d provides an uncomplicated piece of furniture that eliminates the use of cushions and relies on lines, round corners and eased edges to achieve an inviting appearance. For a minimalist approach to interior design, select a Round-d chair ($2,280), 2-seat loveseat ($3,285), or 3-seat sofa ($4,190).

* Square

The clean lines and trendy slim legs fit well into retro interior decor, while the tall arms and substantial back cushions provide an unforgettable spell of relaxation. Sip on your martini for a weekend release or entertain friends and family in style. This square design comes as an ottoman ($1,410), chair ($2,165), 2-seat loveseat ($3,390), 2-seat sofabed ($4,925), 2-seat extra long loveseat ($4,255), and 3-seat sofa ($4,600).

To decorate your home with EcoBalanza furniture, use the following contact information to place an order or view options in their Seattle, Washington shop:

5317 Ballard Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 545-4405 or (888) 220-6020

Store Hours

(Tues to Saturday) 11am-6pm
(Sundays) 11am-5pm

By Yona Williams





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