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January 20, 2018 / 5:44 am EST

Furniture and Accessories

Luxurious Eco-Comfort For Your Home Furnishings
Luxurious Eco-Comfort For Your Home Furnishings Oct 15, 2010
Environment Furniture

An exciting collection of luxury furniture has been designed by Environment Furniture. Created from sustainable materials and textiles, their focus is to provide the discerning consumer with fabulous home furniture that has been constructed using processes and materials with a low impact on the environment.

Environment Furniture is now gaining a global profile amongst the luxury market. Celebrity clients, such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts, are praising both their designs and their eco-awareness. TIME Magazine recognized Environment Furniture in the Green Design 100 for its eco-edge in sustainable home furnishings. Loved by interior designers, architects and luxury eco-consumers, the designs by Environment Furniture are very much based on solid social and environmental principles. 

Inspired design fused with traditional craftsmanship

The collections are designed to fit comfortably in many home environments. The pieces are created to be versatile and exclusive. You will want to keep these items of furniture in your family for generations. “Sustainability is an investment in quality, competence and timelessness for better life surroundings” explains Jean-Marie Massaud, Creative Director and Designer. He carries his vision of merging social responsibility and awareness with elegant functionality and easy-living and applies that vision to the pieces of furniture he designs.

Unique textures found in eco-friendly materials.

Some of Environment Furniture's collections are created from a range of materials and textiles that are recycled, reclaimed or repurposed. This gives the collections a very unique appearance and texture after they have been exposed to natural weathering over the course of many years. Exotic wood beams that have been salvaged from the maritime industry provide items of furniture that have a unique color and visual characteristic, which cannot be replicated. The design team is constantly experimenting with unusual woods and textiles to bring functional, beautiful and environmentally-friendly pieces of furniture to the market.

More recently the design team has discovered vintage military canvas. They are now using innovative techniques to incorporate this historic fabric into different items of furniture. So not only will you have a stylish and eco-friendly piece of furniture, but one that comes with a very unique story to tell.

The team at Environment Furniture is working closely with organizations such as the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT). Through these partnerships they are able to make sure they are only using materials from accredited sustainable forests, as well as reducing the illegal and high controversial use of tropical wood products. Any new wood that is used in the furniture comes only from managed certified forests. One of the stand-out lines at Environment Furniture is the Peroba Rosa collection. Dramatic pieces have been created from Brazilian Peroba Rosa wood that is produced in a responsibly-harvested mahogany plantation.

Luxury in a natural setting

You can see the wonderful Environment Furniture luxury collections at their stores found in New York, Los Angeles, Orange County or Atlanta. You can also see the latest designs from their design team at Trade Shows around the world including Milan, Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles. 

If fabulous style created in a sustainable manner appeals to you for your home, then visit Environment Furniture online at




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