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January 20, 2018 / 5:44 am EST

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Nature's Crib
Nature's CribMar 21, 2016
Organic Bedding and More

Infants need 16-20 hours of sleep a day, so it seems natural to want only the best bedding for them.  At Nature’s Crib, luxurious quality, affordable prices, and sustainable materials blend to produce items ranging from organic baby mattresses, bedding, and toys to juicers and laundry detergent.  At Nature’s Crib, sustainability means locally-sourced materials and eco-friendly processes in order to create the best products for the eco-conscious consumer.

Nature’s Crib owner Janet Ouellette started the online retail business, at the time, primarily geared toward baby goods, in 2004; through the endeavor, she plans to “continue to educate, promote and provide healthier natural product choices for moms with babies and their families in order that they may live a more sustainable toxic free lifestyle.”

Ouellette’s passion for natural living was the stepping stone that propelled the Glen Spey, New York-based family business toward sustainable luxury status. The company is also part of the Organic Trade Association and Green America, which join together to unite eco-friendly businesses and support sustainable products and techniques.

Since the brands 2004 beginning, it has grown to not only include baby products, but also home goods as well; although the company offers dozens of sustainable products, their nursery line is still the most popular and successful. Ranging from air purifiers to “puddle pads” and everything in between, Nature’s Crib has all the essentials to keep your baby, your wallet, and the earth happy.  With constantly running sales, it also guarantees that orders (excluding furniture) over $100 ship free.

Nature’s Crib is committed to sustainability, utilizing recycled material whenever possible; often times reused are packaging materials that would otherwise get discarded. Products, like their mattresses and soaps, are made from local sources in the United States, without synthetic materials, fragrances, foaming agents, sulfates, preservatives, or parabens. In items like the air purifiers, military carbon cloth is used in place of granular carbon in order to make the machine more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Although not everything is created in the United States, all products originate from sustainable practices. Their wooden baby toys, for example, are skillfully hand-crafted out of Vermont and Maine and coated in a safe, non-toxic finish. If not produced directly on US soil, it is clearly stated in the product details where the individual organic parts were sourced from. Ouellette promises only premium eco-friendly quality in all goods sold through the company. The Organic Pages, an eco-friendly phonebook, of sorts, and the About Us section of provide more information on the business and the sustainable morals by which their products are generated.

Nature’s Crib is a leading green company in creating sustainable products for their many consumers. The company prides itself on local, durable, hand-made goods with luxury quality; in addition, as a member of the OTA and Green America, Nature’s Crib must stand by strict processing and quality standards for eco-friendly businesses.  When ordering from Nature’s Crib, you are guaranteed to have the top-tier quality, luxury, and comfort that you’d expect from carefully hand-made, small business goods, along with unwavering earth-friendly sustainability.

By: Julia Mellett


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