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January 19, 2018 / 4:06 am EST

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Savvy Rest
Savvy Rest Nov 18, 2012
Organic Mattresses and Bedding

The term “beauty sleep” has long been used to describe the positive effects of a good night's sleep. But is it possible to get your beauty rest on a mattress that leeches toxic chemicals as you sleep? Most mattresses produced today contain a mix of toxic chemicals, and the effects of the prolonged exposure we receive as we spend eight or more hours exposed to these mattresses worries scientists and researchers alike. If you worry about what is in your mattress, the mattress your child or infant sleeps on, or even the bed your pet is exposed to, you may be pleased to learn there is another option. Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses are made from natural latex rubber and organic wool or cotton, plus the company offers a variety of other safe, natural bedding products such as bed toppers, pillows, bedding, pet beds and bed platforms. When it comes right down to it, we spend a large portion of our lives in our beds, and it only makes sense that they should be the healthiest, safest beds available to ensure a healthy, long life of “beauty sleep.”

Savvy Rest founder Michael Penny started his company for a reason many of us might be able to relate to: he couldn't get a good night's sleep. Even though he lived a healthy life that included all the right things such as yoga, organic food, and exercise he, like much of America, had insomnia. Due to his place of employment at the time, Michael had first hand knowledge of what was in most mattresses, and the truth wasn't pretty...or healthy. Most mattresses consist of inexpensive padding or chemical foams covered in fabrics that are chemically treated and all of this sits atop cheaply made foundations. It's enough to make anyone lose sleep over it, and as Michael did just this, he began to entertain the idea of creating a company that offered an alternative. His idea took shape with the opening of his store, The Savvy Sleeper, in 2003, and the company has grown and expanded ever since, with more retail locations and a full product line available through their website.

How did Michael help his vision of healthy, organic, natural bedding come to life? As with many great ideas, it took time and some trial-and-error before he hit upon a system that worked. At the time he began making his mattresses, an all-organic mattress didn't yet exist, and many companies that made mattresses with organic components still used synthetic pieces or the quality of the mattress was poor. Once he realized that the kind of mattress he had in mind didn't exist, he set about creating one. In fact, he created several, since his yoga training had shown him that different people require different mattresses in order to get the good night's sleep they need. Ultimately, Michael showed that it is possible to make a mattress that is comfortable, well made and healthy, and customers have responded enthusiastically ever since by promptly falling asleep on Savvy Rest mattresses.

The Savvy Rest mattress is very different from most traditionally made mattresses. Rather than the flimsy foam core in many mattresses, Michael chose to make his mattress core natural latex and instead of one layer, a Savvy Rest mattress has several customizable layers to accommodate each individual sleeper. In addition, they are the only mattress company that allows customers to exchange layers of latex after purchase in order to achieve their optimal level of mattress firmness. The core of a Savvy Rest mattress is covered in an organic wool or cotton casing, all without the chemicals or pesticides that other mattresses contain.

In addition to their mattress collection, Savvy Rest offers everything your entire family will need in order to rest easy...pets included! Your baby will learn to sleep well at an early age with Savvy Rest's nontoxic crib mattress, mattress pad and environmentally friendly wooden crib made with locally sourced Latvian wood and nontoxic finishes. You can dress up your Savvy Rest mattress with a luxurious organic mattress topper, organic cotton sheets, wool mattress pad and molded latex or loose fill organic pillows. Does your pet need a good night's rest, too? Savvy Rest has them covered with their natural latex nontoxic Savvy Doggy or Savvy Kitty beds that will have your favorite furry friends snoozing in healthy style. They even have removable organic cotton covers that make washing them a breeze.

If you are having sleep issues, or if you are concerned about the effects your mattress might be having on your family's health, a Savvy Rest product might be just the answer you are looking for. With Savvy Rest, you will no longer drift off to sleep wondering what you are breathing in. The only worry you might have is what to dream about during your healthy night's sleep.


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