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November 21, 2017 / 10:40 am EST

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iZen Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard
iZen Bamboo Bluetooth KeyboardFeb 4, 2013
Add Eco Zen to Your Desktop

Many of us use our keyboards daily, and some of us use a keyboard for several hours every day. We may not give much thought to our actual computer keyboard until something goes wrong with it, but the makers of the iZen keyboard saw a great opportunity to take an everyday item and make it environmentally friendly. Using bamboo, a sustainable and renewable resource, iZen makes bamboo keyboards, along with other tech accessories that are beautiful, unique, and make an instant statement about your commitment to the environment.

According to iZen, it made sense to use bamboo to create their tech-friendly line of products, both aesthetically and environmentally. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials on Earth, thanks to its high tolerance for tough growing conditions and its amazing growth rate. Bamboo even has the ability to give back to the planet as it grows by contributing more oxygen than regular trees. Using between 92% and 100% bamboo in most of their products allowed iZen to create tech accessories that are recyclable and even biodegradable. The only other materials used in iZen products are small amounts of plastic, metal, wax, felt, leather, wood, or a lithium ion battery.

The iZen bluetooth bamboo keyboard is made of 92% bamboo. The keyboard is covered in a wax that keeps your finger's oils from being absorbed into the keyboard, and also serves to make it water-resistant. The included lithium ion battery is rechargeable. When the keyboard comes to the end of its useful life, the company allows customers to ship it back to them for a $10 coupon toward another product and iZen will properly recycle it. The iZen bluetooth keyboard is designed to work with Mac devices, Windows mobile and PCs, the iPad and the iPhone. Installation is a breeze since most of your devices will instantly recognize the keyboard and allow you to connect it.

In addition to the bluetooth keyboard, iZen offers a collection of products designed to make your tech life more beautiful, sustainable, and easy to use. Other bamboo devices available are the LCD solar calculator, radio speakers that naturally project great sound due to the resonance of bamboo, and a bamboo smart phone stand that amplifies sound without electricity. Also, iZen offers a full line of cases and covers for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5, iPad, and iPad mini. All cases and covers are made to fit your device snugly, look beautiful, and feel just right when you hold them.

iZen is as committed to manufacturing standards as they are to environmental standards. The products are made in a Chinese factory that operates as a clean, safe working environment and pays a fair wage. Workers are not exposed to harmful toxins thanks to the safety of the materials used. iZen uses bamboo that is harvested in an environmentally friendly manner and does not negatively effect panda habitats.

As tech products become more indispensable to us for both work and play, it makes sense that we will seek out products and accessories that are eco-conscious and help us reduce the impact of our tech usage. The iZen line of products allow customers to have useful and beautiful Mac, PC, and mobile device accessories that are sustainable and recyclable. Add a touch of “eco” Zen  to your tech life with an iZen accessory for all of your tech devices.


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