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January 19, 2018 / 4:01 am EST

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Credo Mobile
Credo MobileJun 2, 2012
Mobilizing Progressive Change

What does your mobile phone service do? If it's like most mobile companies, it probably provides a phone along with a service plan that includes minutes, text messaging, email or web browsing. Have you ever wondered if your phone service could do more? If so, Credo Mobile may be the right company for you. In addition to offering a selection of mobile phones and rate plans on the Sprint network, Credo is the only mobile service company that uses its resources to fight for progressive social change. The environment, social justice, civil rights and women's rights are just a handful of the causes Credo funds and supports. It's a mobile service company that encourages its customers to stand together to fight for the things that really matter.

Credo Mobile began in 1985 as Working Assets, a credit card company offering members the opportunity to fund non-profits with each use of their credit card. Through the years, the company changed their business focus from credit cards to long distance service to mobile phone service, but never wavered from their central mission of fueling social, economic, environmental and political change through activism. The company rebranded itself as Credo Mobile in 2007, and to date has generated $70 million in funding to non-profits while growing a customer base of 2.5 million. Credo makes it easy for their customers to support causes important to them. Customers can choose to round up their phone bills to donate to causes, vote for the funding of various non-profits, and actively participate in social campaigns through letter writing, petitioning or joining in protests and rallies.

Using your phone service to fuel and fund critical social platforms is an innovative and worthwhile reason to make the switch, but Credo Mobile also offers another advantage over many other mobile carriers: Credo is a "real green" phone service option. All of the phones offered on Credo's plans have radiation and emissions ratings listed on the website. Plus, Credo Mobile:

- Prints all bills on 100% recycled paper, in addition to planting 100 trees for every ton of paper they use.

- Works with to offset the lifetime electricity usage and shipping of their phones.

- Allows customers to send in their old phones with prepaid envelopes, to be recycled or reused.

- Actively funds and supports environmental and clean energy initiatives.

With Credo Mobile, customers are aware of exactly how their donations are used. Each year, Credo publishes the Donations Report, which lists the nonprofits they funded that year along with the donation amount. It is easy for members to see exactly which initiatives receive critical dollars. Credo customers also take part in determining where donations will be distributed each year, using a ballot voting process. In this way, a long and varied list of organizations including Doctors Without Borders, the Alaska Wilderness League, Friends of the Earth, the Organic Farming Research Foundation, and International Rivers will receive funding in 2012 through the efforts of Credo Mobile and their active customers. And lest anyone think rounding up the phone bill won't make a difference, 2.5 million Credo customers can prove that this small effort, along with Credo's 1% customer charge and some customer’s extra donations, does provide substantial funding to worthy causes. In 2011, environmental efforts alone received $76,389! This is in addition to the over $88,000 received by the Rainforest Action Network or the $105,147 voted toward the Sierra Club Foundation. These are just a handful of the funds donated, in addition to the petitions signed, letters sent to decision makers and phone calls made.

We all want our dollars to go further, to bring us great service and value and do good for the world. With Credo Mobile, your dollars can do all this at once. Credo's efforts prove that a company can do more than provide a product or service; it can be an agent of change. Customers get the products and service they expect, along with the tools they need to help create a better world.

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