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January 20, 2018 / 5:48 am EST

Home Electronics

Crestron Green Home Automation Products
Crestron Green Home Automation Products Mar 18, 2012
Put Your Home to Work For You

As technology evolves, so does the way we use it. It's becoming easier to integrate the newest technology into our homes and more important to find a way to monitor it conveniently. One way to do this is to use a home automation system. Using technology to control automatic systems within your home will make it easier for you to manage your home and could make your home run more efficiently. There are also green benefits to having an automatic control system. These devices can help you reduce your overall energy usage and lower your utility bills. This is exactly what Crestron Electronics has been helping homes, businesses and schools do for 40 years. As technology has become more sophisticated, so has the range of home automation options Crestron has been able to offer.


Why Automate My Home?


In order for any building to operate smoothly, it needs to have many systems running simultaneously. Homes today are filled with numerous audio-visual electronics, different types of lighting, automatic temperature controls, or alarm systems. It is frustrating and inefficient to control different devices with different remotes, switches and gauges, so it only makes sense to have one central system homeowners can use to easily track and control the different parts of a home. It is important to choose carefully, however, since some home automation systems feature a complicated instrument panel better suited to an aircraft rather than a residential home. Crestron has refined their home automation systems to be less complicated, more comprehensive and more efficient.


What Can an Integrated Home Automation System Do?


As home technology has evolved, so have home automation systems. The Crestron system starts with a wall mounted touch panel that allows the homeowner to set and control heating and cooling, lights, electronics, alarms, room shades and more. In order to further increase the ease of use of the system, it can now be controlled with an iPad, iPhone or iTouch. These devices will even work with your Crestron system remotely using 3G or Wi-Fi, so you can access your controls while on the go. Now you can make sure your home isn't wasting heating or cooling if the temperature changes, or to make sure the alarm was set while the home is unoccupied. Not only will this help reduce utility bills by cutting down needless energy consumption, but it will also bring homeowners peace of mind knowing that their home is safe, secure and efficiently run even when they are not home.


Is Home Automation Greener?


Using a Crestron home automation system could help your home be greener. In fact, Crestron is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and the Crestron Green Light product line earns LEED credits. In addition, their monitoring systems help homeowners integrate all energy-using home systems from the lighting to the sprinklers to the audio-visual components. Depending on the system used, it can monitor when and how rooms are used so homeowners can track and adjust energy consumption based on actual usage data.


As our society becomes more invested in technology for home, work, and school, it is important that the technology available to us is not only useful, but used well. Managing homes in a smart and efficient way makes sense both financially and environmentally. Crestron helps homeowners do just this, for a home that is truly conserving energy and operating efficiently.

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