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January 19, 2018 / 4:02 am EST

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Eco-Friendly Radios
Eco-Friendly RadiosMar 16, 2010
Five Ways to Green Your Music Playing

Over the years, MP3 players and the Internet have really given radios a run for their money. The majority of radios today typically serve as an early morning wake-up call. However, not everyone has abandoned the radio – especially lovers of retro interior design. In some cases, an eco-friendly radio even doubles as a piece of home emergency equipment during power outages. Answering the demand of stylish and innovative technology that keeps the environment in mind, keep your eye on the following eco-friendly radios:

Magno AM/FM Radio

Handcrafted in Indonesia from naturally harvested new growth wood, make a retro statement with the stylish, eco-friendly Magno AM/FM radio. A company based in New York City called Areaware is responsible for the radios, as well as other interesting eco-friendly products. Areaware products use recycled, biodegradable, reused or resalvaged materials to create a wide range of product, including clocks and bikes. You may also take care in knowing that every tree used in the manufacturing of Magno radios is matched with the planting of a new one.

Blister Radio

Harnessing the power of the sun is not a new concept to companies experimenting with new and inventive eco-friendly home electronics. The Blister Radio is comprised of PLA – biodegradable thermoplastic polyester consisting of plant sources. Solar panels mounted to the back of the radio serve as a source of power. The Blister Radio is a suitable outdoor companion for gardeners and patio sunbathers.

The Freeplay Eyemax

Offering a higher level of flexibility is an eco-friendly radio that is self-powered, like the Freeplay Eyemax, which winds up to deliver AM and FM wavelengths with only a 0.5wattage output. Some of the features of the radio include an emergency LED light on the radio end and a durable transparent light blue body. Inside, the radio is equipped with a NiMh recharging battery and solar panels which "trickle charge." A fully charged battery will last 25 hours. When solar power is not an option, wind the radio for 30 seconds to enjoy ½ hour of listening pleasure.

Trevor Baylis Mini Eco Radio

Another wind-up, solar powered eco-friendly radio is the Trevor Baylis Mini Eco Radio, which also caters to eco-conscious travelers on the go. The radio offers AM/FM capabilities, mobile phone charger, red LED map reading light, earphone socket, USB rechargeable cable, storage compartment for cables, and LED torch. Another Trevor Baylis product with eco-initiatives is the Trevor Baylis Eco Radio Torch – another traveling, home emergency, or camping tool that incorporates phone charging capabilities, FM radio with digital tuning, and built-in emergency siren. One minute of winding creates 25 minutes of torch light, 15 minutes of radio, or 2 minutes of cell phone talk time.

PURE Evoke 3 Portable DAB Digital Radio

The EcoPlus-certified PURE Evoke 3 Portable DAB Digital Radio takes an environmentally friendly approach in home electronics because it encourages reduced power consumption. The company has also decreased the amount of product packaging used and favors packaging made from recycled materials. An attractive feature of the radio is the ability to pause and rewind live radio with the PURE ReVu feature. Besides using the Evoke 3 as a radio, it provides a stylish bedside alarm clock with sleep timer and touch sensitive SnoozeHandle.

By Yona Williams


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