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January 20, 2018 / 5:48 am EST

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Green Your Game Time
Green Your Game TimeJan 6, 2010
Tips for an Eco-Friendly Video Game System

Electronic video game systems have become a staple in most modern households – but today’s most popular gaming options can be a huge drain on your eco-friendly lifestyle.  According to a NRDC report, the average gaming console consumes enough power in a year to supply the entire city of San Diego. 

While a truly eco-friendly video game system hasn’t yet appeared on the market, there are several ways to ensure your game time is the greenest possible.  From the system you choose to the way you use it, these tips will help you enjoy your video games without sacrificing the planet.

The Greenest Game System

Both the Xbox and PS3 feature a power save mode to reduce energy consumption when the console is not in use, but the Nintendo Wii requires just a fraction of the power to operate.  Remember to turn off your system when you’re not playing and your Wii will use up to 8 times less energy than other leading consoles.

Plug It In Green

Even in standby, your video game system continues to suck electricity.  Combat its vampire power consumption by opting for an eco-friendly surge protector like those from Monster GreenPower.  These power strips not only protect your electronics, but also save energy by sensing when a device is not in use and shutting down the outlet where it is connected.

Lay It to an Eco-Friendly Rest

When it’s time to dispose of your game system, don’t send it to the landfill.  Most electronics are still manufactured with harmful chemicals and toxins that contaminate the soil, air, and water supply – not to mention the space they consume as they sit for hundreds of years.  If your old console is still in working condition, donate it or take advantage of trade in options at your local game store.  Broken systems are sometimes accepted by repair shops or check with your local government for electronics recycling programs.

An eco-friendly video game system is still a dream waiting to happen, but it’s not impossible to enjoy your gaming as well as your green lifestyle.

By Danielle Bullard


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