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January 20, 2018 / 5:47 am EST

Home Electronics

Home stereo equipment that’s good for the ears and the earth
Home stereo equipment that’s good for the ears and the earthNov 2, 2008

Looking to upgrade your home stereo equipment? Well, if you are, that could be the perfect opportunity to invest in some sustainable products like speakers, amplifiers, or whole-home audio systems.

Earlier this year, Knoll Systems in Point Roberts, Washington, a supplier of audio and amplifier products for the home theater market, announced a new circuit design for some of its multi-channel amplifiers.

Called the “Eco-System circuit,” Knoll’s technology automatically turns off any channels that are not being used, saving electricity. And because the Eco-System circuit shuts off the channels, the amplifiers generate less heat. By reducing the amount of electricity needed to run the air conditioning, they are able to reduce the unwanted heat produced by the multi-channel amplifiers.

According to Knoll, the typical homeowner will save hundreds of dollars in electricity every year because of this technology. Knoll’s typical amplifier without an Eco-System circuit uses 14 times (40 watts) more power than an amplifier equipped with an Eco-System circuit. A Knoll Systems amplifier, like the GS8 with Eco-System, uses less than four watts when in idle mode. The GS8 also features a very quiet energy saving thermostatically controlled fan, Knoll said.

The products manufactured with the Eco-System technology are: Knoll Systems GS8 ,Eight Channel Amplifier, with a list price of $1,178; the Knoll Systems GS12 Twelve Channel Amplifier, $1,238, and the Knoll Systems GSZ67 seven source six room Controller Amplifier, $2,199.

Check out Knoll’s website for a list of distributors.

NuVo Technologies in Hebron, Kentucky, recently introduced Essentia E6G, which has received the Energy Star label from the U.S. government because it consumes less than one watt of power in standby mode. The Essentia E6G’s amplifier and up to 14 associated Control Pads only use energy when it’s absolutely necessary and shut down when not in use, while keeping “one eye open” to quickly turn back on when a button is pushed, the company said.

The Essentia E6G system also features energy-conscious OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) Control Pads that use less power because they don’t require a backlight to function. In addition, the Essentia E6G uses a pure digital power supply, further reducing its environmental footprint and its use of numerous heavy metal compounds. The list price for the Essential E6G is $2,299.

A list of dealers can be found at NuVo’s website.

Escalante Design, in Bluffdale, Utah, uses environmentally responsible materials in all its speakers. For example the company uses use a 100% recycled wood material it calls soul-board that has special density properties and no added formaldehyde in its speaker cabinets. Additionally, Escalante uses high-strength glue with the lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) to hold its products together. All of the company’s custom circuit boards and solders are lead free.

The company manufactures the grills for its speakers from 100% recycled plastic, dressed with surplus fabrics from Patagonia, which uses 100% organic cotton and recycled polyesters.

The Pinyon speaker lists for $9,990 per pair and The Juniper list for $6,990 per pair.

Escalante Dealers are available on the company’s website.

By Linda Rosencrance

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