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November 21, 2017 / 10:39 am EST

Home Electronics

Life|wareNov 9, 2012
Total Home Automation and Entertainment Solutions

It's a fact: technology is becoming more integrated into our homes and our lives. From the temperature controls in our homes to our security systems to our digital entertainment systems, many of the daily tasks of our lives can be customized and automated so we can go about our lives without having to worry if the air was set too low or if the lights were left on. As technology advances, so do the solutions for monitoring it. Thanks to automation systems like those offered by Life|ware, a software application developed by Exceptional Innovation, your home's systems can be customized and monitored from your home or away. Not only does this offer peace of mind, but it can reduce utility bills and help your home be more efficient and less of an environmental burden.

The Life|ware software is an automation software solution designed by Exceptional Innovation to provide homeowners with total control of their environment. Through one central location, owners can control and monitor all of their home systems through any device. That's right, any device: a television, computer, cell phone or other mobile device, tablet, or touch panel. Homeowners can choose a system that is specific to their home, and to their existing devices, no matter which platform they use. Unlike other systems that will only work with select devices or systems, Life|ware was developed specifically using Microsoft Windows-based technology and configured to work with most existing programs and brands.

Although Life|ware can be fully customized to your home, its overall use is universal. You can use a Life|ware Entertainment or Automation module to control the environment within your home. The Entertainment module allows you to fully integrate and control television shows (both live and recorded), movies, radio and stored music, personal photos and videos, and the internet. The home Automation module allows homeowners to control the lights, audio, security system, security cameras, pool area and HVAC system in the home from one location, and to access the information from any device.

There are many benefits to using a Life|ware system in your home, starting with the ease of having all the varied systems in your home easily monitored and controlled from anywhere. No more having to keep up with the different remote controls, traveling from the attic to the basement, or having to keep up with a tangle of equipment. Every device is controlled from easy access in one location in the home, and on your devices, including TV remotes, gaming systems such as Xbox, your iPhone or iPad, and wireless devices such as tablets. For home security system components, Life|ware even offers monitoring on site and through remote web access, for total safety.

An added benefit of home automation through a Life|ware system is the reduced burden on the environment. The Automation system allows homeowners to optimize energy usage by turning off devices that aren't being used, and the convenience of controlling the heating, air, lights and windows with the touch of a button. What's more, the system allows you to save money on utilities because it will adjust the system automatically based on time of day, room occupancy, natural lighting and temperature so you are never using more energy to power your home than necessary.

The home of the future, as depicted in many old movies and television shows, was one where the home controlled everything within by itself and the people who lived there were free to go about their business without having to worry. Although the technology is different than was previously imagined, the home of the future is here. A home automation and entertainment system from Life|ware allows you to have complete control over your home's systems without worry, without hassle, and with an eye to the new future, one in which every home is automated as efficiently as possible.


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