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January 19, 2018 / 3:59 am EST

Home Electronics

Panasonic 3D
Panasonic 3DNov 16, 2010
Putting the Eco into Luxury Home Entertainment

The 3D experience is literally everywhere today. James Cameron’s Avatar was recently released in 3D. Earlier this year, at NYC’s Arthur Ashe Stadium, the U.S Open was broadcast in 3D TV. Now Panasonic’s new HD 3D product line is bringing that 3D experience to our own homes.

For your viewing pleasure

Imagine feeling like your whole body is part of the scene you are watching and listening to. Image looking at a screen that seems so real you feel you could almost reach in and feel what is on it. 3D refers to the three dimensions of which our eyes are capable of seeing slightly different images. The 3D system produces such life-like pictures that these images appear to have real depth. The initial outlay for the equipment, including a plasma TV, a 3D player and 3D eye-ware, can be a bit pricey but once everything is purchased, you can have the entertainment system that is the envy of all your guests.

One of the most exciting things about the Panasonic 3D is it's ability to incorporate really popular parts of the internet into the TV, including YouTube, Skype and Twitter. The latest Panasonic VIERA series has taken things a step further and created a new viewing experience where the viewer is almost inside the action.

The Panasonic FULL HD 3D home theatre system is designed so that the whole family and all your friends can be a part of the viewing enjoyment. "Panasonic foresees the expansion of 3D technology into nearly all aspects of the entertainment electronics industry, but we also see it being applied in a diverse range of other industries including healthcare, education, and beyond," said Joseph M. Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Corporation of North America.

Striving to be a Green Innovation Company

America’s E-waste is a major concern as the environmental thinkers of today's society attempt to reign in our energy consumption. That said, it is great to see a company as dominant in this industry as Panasonic, take their impacts on the environment seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they have publically stated their intention to make the environment central to all their business activities. Looking ahead to their 100th anniversary in 2018, Panasonic is aiming to be the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the electronics industry. To initiate their mission, Panasonic has put their designers to work on achieving carbon emission reduction through innovative products and production activities, seeking comprehensive energy solutions and promoting recycling-oriented manufacturing. Starting with iron and resins, Panasonic is aiming to increase the ratio of "total recycled resources used" to "total resources used" to more than 12% by 2013.

For more details have a look at Panasonic’s website at Visit to view more EcoIdeas.





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