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January 19, 2018 / 4:01 am EST

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AISO.netMay 13, 2014
Responsible Green Web Hosting

Can web hosting be green? Many people think of a website as just something that exists “out there” in cyberspace, but the environmental cost of hosting that website can actually be quite large. Companies providing web hosting rely on large data centers, servers that need a physical location and require large amounts of energy, and constant monitoring in case of outages. They also use backup generators that often run on environmentally unfriendly diesel gas. Long before the Google age, where having a webpage is a necessity, not a novelty, one man believed that providing a green web hosting option was not only better for the planet, but would also be just as reliable and innovative as what was already available. This is even truer in today’s technologically advanced, yet environmentally minded world.

Since Phil Nail first had his idea to start a clean and efficient web hosting company in 1997, the world of technology has undergone massive changes. In just over a decade, technology is not only at our fingertips, but in our pockets, in our vehicles, and available wherever we travel. Most companies and organizations know that having an informative website is not only a sound business practice, but also a necessity for securing clients and customers and keeping up with competing businesses. With Phil’s web hosting company,, individuals and businesses are able to create simple or complex websites that are reliable, loaded with options, and as green as possible. relies on its own Green Data center, located in Southern California and powered with 100% solar power. From the beginning, the idea was to make available a web hosting solution that was reliable and efficient, while also making use of Earth’s natural resources: sun, rainwater, and wind. The company became 100% solar powered in 2002 and has since worked to improve and refine their technology, efficiency, reliability, and performance to match or exceed the services offered by other web hosting companies. The result, for clients, are websites that are fast, fully functioning, and backed up with a reliable technological base that is powered using natural resources rather than depleting them.

The savings to the environment that come from using’s green web hosting are no small matter. The use of the solar panel system allows AISO to provide customers with all of their website hosting needs, (plus generate enough power to run the company’s office, servers, A/C units, network equipment, and hardware), but minus an impressive 35,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, 50 pounds of nitrogen oxide per year and 37 pounds of sulfate – otherwise known as acid rain – each year! In fact, the services offered by AISO are so green, they were the first public data center to be a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, the organization responsible for LEED certification.

While a core mission of is green operation, that doesn’t mean the company skimps on the latest and most advanced technology. You can have your connected life and be green, too! AISO uses Cloud Server Hosting for total client control, secure co-location, fiber optic and wireless links, and VMware virtual machines, which are responsible for an 80% reduction in energy usage and gives clients the ability to have multiple servers using less electricity. AISO claims that by using virtualization, they save the equivalent amount of energy to planting almost 4,500 trees, driving 330 less cars, or reducing carbon dioxide by 1.9 pounds each year!

If you are in need of a reliable, efficient and user-friendly place to host your website, or if you are unhappy with your current hosting company, you’ll find everything you need at web hosting plans, dedicated servers, webmail, and more, all powered by our most abundant and Eco-friendly resources. is more than just a web hosting company, they are a web hosting company that cares as much about the future of our planet as they do about providing you or your business with the customized web hosting solution you need.


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