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November 21, 2017 / 10:39 am EST

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The EcoStrip
The EcoStripJun 8, 2013
Has the Power to Help Save the World

When it comes to conserving energy and protecting our planet’s energy resources, there is much good advice: buying energy efficient products and appliances; making sure lights, electronic devices and other items are unplugged when not in use; or using energy for household tasks during “off peak” hours to help reduce the energy burden. All of these suggestions are important, but they require planning and thought on our part. How about an energy reduction tool that is effective and automatic, and also won’t break the bank? That’s where EcoStrip comes in!

The inspiration behind the EcoStrip was a decidedly environmentally un-friendly side effect of plugged-in devices with a catchy name: vampire electronics. This refers to appliances, electronics, and other energy-requiring products that are left plugged in when not in use and “drain” unnecessary energy like a vampire. It may not seem like a big deal to leave one item plugged in when you’re not actually using it.  But start figuring how much energy you’re paying for just in your home that isn’t being used and then figure out how many households are doing the same thing, and suddenly the amount of wasted energy is staggering! The makers of EcoStrip made it their mission to help combat this problem. The answer lay in a product most of us are familiar with and use daily.

The power strip is a great way to plug in all those necessary components when you have a group of items located together, such as at your computer work desk. However, leaving these items plugged into a regular power strip all the time costs you money and uses energy that could be better used elsewhere or conserved. The makers of EcoStrip created a greener power strip, one that allows business or home users to conserve energy automatically.

The EcoStrip looks just like those regular power strips you already have plugged in around your home or office, but there’s several important differences. First, EcoStrip performs all the functions of a regular power strip, with six outlets, a six foot cord, and a six foot USB cable, plus it acts as a surge protector for your equipment. However, the EcoStrip can also help you save up to $150 per year in energy costs, according to the company. When a computer is plugged into the EcoStrip, along with all those other components such as speakers, a printer, or the monitor, the EcoStrip will turn off power to all the peripheral devices when the computer is shut down. This way, when you are done working for the day, or when you and your coworkers go home for the night, all of those extra devices won’t be draining power all night long. This saves significant energy resources and costs.

Making just one small change for each computer you have, or for each workstation at your office, can make a big difference as all that wasted energy is no longer expended. Purchasing an EcoStrip is a smart move, too, because the device has a one year warranty, is durable, and is simple to install and use. Plus, EcoStrip shows their commitment to the planet with their Plant-a-Tree Partnership with the Trees for the Future organization. For every EcoStrip the company sells, they have pledged to plant trees for better global health.

Even though you may be diligent about shutting down your computer each night before you leave work, or when you are finished working, it might not have occurred to you that all those other devices plugged in with it are still drawing power all night long. An EcoStrip can be your solution to this “vampire” energy drain. Just plug all your peripheral devices and computer into the EcoStrip, and let it do all the energy conserving for you!


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