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January 20, 2018 / 5:47 am EST

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ToshibaSep 2, 2012
Is Greening Our Digital Lives

There’s no denying that we live in a global digital society. But at what cost to our environment? The increase in technological advances means more consumer electronics than ever before. From outdated technology cluttering up our landfills to the increased emissions generated from powering and charging numerous devices, it is clear that our dependence on technology also creates a burden on the environment. Toshiba is a leader in consumer electronics, but they are also intent on becoming one of the world’s foremost eco-companies. Through clear corporate policies designed to produce environmentally responsible products and to operate their global company responsibly, Toshiba is committed to both success and sustainability.

Toshiba is the Japan-based global electronics company that produces digital entertainment products including televisions, DVD players, camcorders, computers and components, laptops, and tablets. The company recently entered the tablet market with their new Excite and Thrive tablets, and they are at the forefront of our digital entertainment era with LCD, LED and 3D TV sets. They also produce Blu-ray players, HD camcorders and a full slate of laptops, desktop computers and computer accessories. Although the name Toshiba is well-known in the electronics market, the company is more concerned that their name be associated with their positive impact on the planet.

In a bold and ambitious move, Toshiba has backed up their environmental commitment with the Toshiba Group Environmental Vision 2050, a plan to increase the efficiency of their products and their business practices in order to help reduce their impact on the environment and combat global warming. Through the Environmental Vision plan, Toshiba has set clear and measurable goals for increasing their eco-efficiency tenfold by 2050. The company is focusing on specific strategies designed to help create a sustainable society by tackling global warming, using resources efficiently and managing chemicals responsibly. Also, Toshiba is “greening” the process of producing their products and the products themselves, along with plans to use technology to further their green initiatives. Although a huge undertaking, the positive impact of the plan Toshiba has set in place will be well worth the effort for future generations.

Toshiba recognizes that the world of digital technology is a fast-moving one, and that products once considered cutting edge become obsolete as newer products are released. As an electronics company, they have made a commitment to keep as much of the old technology out of landfills as possible. In order to do this, they have created several initiatives aimed at helping consumers dispose of their old products safely and responsibly. One initiative is the free mailback program for any Toshiba laptop or monitor. Another effort is aimed at helping consumers donate working electronics to non-profits or schools. Other initiatives include Toshiba-sponsored recycling centers and help for corporations and institutions to dispose of large quantities of old technology.

It seems that the market for consumer electronics becomes more crowded by the day as companies jump on the technology bandwagon to offer new products to tech-savvy consumers. It can be overwhelming to wade through all of the different options available. For many consumers, knowing that the product they purchase is eco-friendly and produced by a company that is working to reduce their overall global impact on the environment is a big factor in their purchasing decision. For Toshiba, being “a corporate citizen of planet Earth” is at the heart of all they do, and consumers benefit from knowing it is possible to have products that are both technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.

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