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January 20, 2018 / 5:51 am EST


Ethos Landscapes
Ethos Landscapes Apr 20, 2014
Stand the Test of Time

Colorado residents live in an enviously beautiful part of the country, where you’re surrounded by beautiful, natural landscapes almost everywhere you look. Mountain vistas, sparkling streams, quiet wooded areas - Colorado seems to have an abundance of natural beauty. If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and are hoping to bring the natural beauty of Colorado’s great outdoors to your own backyard, Ethos Landscaping & Design can help. Ethos is a landscaping company that is focused on avoiding traditional landscaping methods in favor of aesthetically pleasing, natural, sustainable landscapes, or as they put it, “bringing nature back into the garden.”

Ethos Landscaping & Design was started by founder Khalana Gocken in 2013 as a way to bring her focus on sustainability and her love for landscaping together. Her team is rounded out by Drew Kekkonen, Derek Brandt and Cody Peterson. Together, the Ethos team has a combined knowledge in Horticulture, Botany, landscape architecture, and Forest service volunteering, making their love for the outdoors and wide knowledge base abundantly clear.

Ethos approaches projects with an eye for what makes sense for both the existing landscape and for the careful use of resources. A vital component of all their landscape services includes the health of the soil;  the company only uses organic fertilizers, soil treatments, and pest control. Ethos approaches a landscape project by carefully analyzing what already exists and then making their design from there, focusing on important questions that address the health and longevity of that particular landscape, not just what will look pretty. Are there native plants or trees that can be used? Is the use of water efficient? Does the space have unique items that can be repurposed or reused in the design? By approaching projects this way, Ethos can offer designs that are budget friendly, make use of what already exists, maximize the use of space, and ensure sustainability for years to come.

Some may believe that an Eco-friendly landscape design can’t be budget friendly, but in fact the opposite may be true. For one, a design that relies on natural plants thrives and will not need to be replaced, and there will not be large amounts of chemical treatments or products required for maintenance. Plus, many of the improvements Ethos makes can add to the value of your property. For example, landscaping with trees (especially those placed correctly in relation to the home) can add 20% to property values, reduce the need for air conditioning by 30% and decrease your energy by 3-12%. That’s not even getting into the reduced burden on the environment. Having a landscape that is appropriate for the area you live in, supports the natural ecosystem of the land, including native bugs, animals, and the surrounding plants and trees.

An Ethos Landscaping project begins with a consultation, to help clients imagine their project. Ethos can help clients plan a garden, incorporate native plants, try composting, design a yard for kids, and much more. If a landscape design is required, Ethos spends the time to create a workable system, rather than haphazardly sticking plants in the ground. A landscape system includes appropriate plants and trees, gardens, walkways and paths, retaining walls and any other component that makes sense for the space. Once a design is executed, Ethos offers maintenance solutions that are natural and favor organic methods over loud, polluting machinery or tools.  

Living in a place as naturally beautiful as Colorado makes it easy to appreciate the special plants, trees, and natural formations that give Colorado its unique character. It makes no sense, then, to design your yard by slapping some sod on the ground or mulching around a variety of plants struggling to survive in chemically treated soil. If you’re looking for a different approach, one that respects and preserves the beauty of nature while still understanding a client’s need for an aesthetically beautiful yard, Ethos Landscaping & Design can help you bring nature back to your yard or garden.

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