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January 20, 2018 / 5:50 am EST


NaturaLawn of America
NaturaLawn of AmericaJun 12, 2012
Has a Customized Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Lawn

Summers are made for getting outside and having fun, often in your own backyard. Playing outdoor games and sports, relaxing in a comfortable spot and taking in the scenery, or tending to the plants and flowers in your yard can all bring a sense of pride in your home and family. Unfortunately, there are also frustrations depending on where you live and what type of yard you have. Whether you have weeds that won't go away, bugs that turn your leaves into confetti, or a lawn that is the opposite of green and healthy, these little annoyances can diminish your enjoyment of your yard. You may also worry about what impact treating these problem areas with certain products will have on your family, pets and the environment.

NaturaLawn of America has been working since 1987 to help homeowners have beautiful green, healthy lawns. This company also cares that their customers feel good about using products that are organic and cause minimal environmental impact. The NaturaLawn range of products includes grass seed in customized blends, soil treatments, ice melt, and pest, weed and rodent control options. All lawn treatment products are designed to work with the particular nutrient balance of your yard, which is why NaturaLawn first conducts a complete soil test. You can be certain the products you are using will provide you with a healthier soil base for better results.

All NaturaLawn products are designed to deliver a beautiful, green, weed-free lawn. NaturaLawn offers two "service programs" for customers to choose from, depending on specific lawn care needs:

- The Natural Alternative: This is a pesticide-free option that offers organic fertilization, balanced nutrients, soil conditioner and custom blended treatments. This program offers no pesticides or weed control unless requested, and even then only if NaturaLawn determines that treatment is appropriate for your specific lawn conditions.

- The Alternative: This is the organic solution offered by NaturaLawn. This follows all the points offered in the Natural Alternative, plus added weed and insect controls.

Since NaturaLawn works carefully to manage pesticide use and educate their service location professionals and their customers about using pesticides correctly, anyone who uses a NaturaLawn product can feel comfortable knowing the product will work safely for their specific lawn needs. Pesticides are synthetic or naturally derived materials used to keep bugs, weeds, diseases and other pests under control. NaturaLawn stresses that it is important to understand pesticides so they can be used properly. For instance, using more than the recommended amount of pesticide can kill plants or animals, and pouring out any pesticides will directly pollute soil and water. The approach NaturaLawn uses has helped them decrease insect and weed control pesticides by 80% over other lawn care and spray companies, which in turn has eliminated thousands of gallons of pesticides from the environment.

NaturaLawn makes choosing your lawn care company easy and hassle free. In addition to offering 66 service locations in 23 states, they also offer products on their website that can be shipped directly to your home. NaturaLawn also offers anyone the ability to own a NaturaLawn franchise. The NaturaLawn franchise system provides tools to help your franchise succeed, including field training, promotional materials, and technical support. So whether you are interested in having your own green, healthy yard, or whether you are interested in providing that opportunity to others, NaturaLawn of America is committed to healthy lawns that contribute to the overall health of our environment.

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