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January 20, 2018 / 5:59 am EST


Neuton Mowers
Neuton MowersOct 18, 2011
Easy to Use and Easy on the Environment

You’ve reduced your environmental footprint by making your home and your car more efficient, but did you know that taking care of your yard can also be done in a more environmentally friendly way? Traditional mowers and yard equipment emit oil and gas fumes and increase noise pollution, but Neuton Mowers hopes to change all that. They are a small company in Vermont that makes lawn and garden equipment that is better for the environment and helps your yard look beautiful.


A Neuton lawn mower is lightweight, battery powered and quiet, and may leave customers wondering why they spent so many years using heavy, noisy, fume-emitting mowers. The mower is sold with a 24 or 36-volt Duracell battery completely installed in the machine. The company claims that the battery will last 3-5 years before it needs replacing, will not leak under any circumstances, and is completely maintenance free. In addition to being efficient and clean, the mower further helps the environment by not creating battery waste at the end of the battery’s life. Instead of simply disposing of the old battery responsibly, you can recycle the battery. In a partnership with East Penn Manufacturing, Neuton provides information to customers about how to locate a battery-recycling center where the plastic, lead and battery acid can all be recycled safely.


There’s more to taking care of your yard than simply mowing your lawn, and Neuton has environmentally friendly products to help with your other yard care needs, too. They offer yard care tools with either a lithium battery or a power cord, which allows customers to choose the option that best suits their yard size. These tools include leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and weed trimmers. Some of these products offer environmental benefits not found with traditional power yard tools, such as the leaf blower that will vacuum up the blown leaves and shred them for mulch. In addition to being better for the planet, many of these tools are also easier for customers to use since they require little maintenance beyond charging the battery and are often significantly lighter than most yard tools.


If you’re looking for a one-stop yard company, Neuton offers many products beyond their environmentally friendly powered yard tools. Gardeners can find greenhouses and greenhouse supplies such as organic starter cubes, hoses and watering kits. Grilling enthusiasts will find outdoor fireplaces, smokers and cooking accessories. Neuton even offers pest control products, that are safe for your yard, pets, and children, and allow you to enjoy spending time in your yard without fighting mosquitoes or worrying about snakes and other pests. 

Keeping your yard or property beautiful requires maintenance and upkeep, and in the past this meant relying on tools that were unhealthy to use and had a negative impact on the environment. Neuton Mowers offers an option that is better for you and better for the environment, one that may even put some of the pleasure back into caring for your property. No more wrestling with heavy equipment, or dealing with storing and using gas and oil. In addition, Neuton is a company that is fully committed to their customers as well as the environment, offering a two-year warranty on their mowers and a six-month, money back trial period for customers who try any of their power products. This makes Neuton Mowers an easy choice that allows you to care for your yard while caring about the environment.

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