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January 20, 2018 / 5:50 am EST


Owen Dell & Associates
Owen Dell & AssociatesDec 9, 2012
Sustainable Landscaping Is For Everyone

Landscaping is as personal as home design or decorating. The feel and look depends on the individuals within and their preferences and needs. With landscaping, the same holds true, with one important addition. In designing a landscape for a home, business or public facility, the land itself must be taken into consideration. In fact, in order to make landscape design sustainable as well as beautiful, the first concern should be making sure the design works for that particular setting, saves water and energy, takes natural plant and animal life into account, and maximizes the use of what is already there. Owen Dell & Associates has been helping people create sustainable landscapes since 1971, before many knew what the concept entailed. In fact, landscape architect Owen Dell brought fourth many of the ideas and practices for creating good landscapes that are in use today. Through his sustainable landscaping company, books, lectures, and even a popular local television show, Owen Dell has helped thousands of people see that sustainable landscaping works for the client and for the planet.

Since opening his landscaping business in 1971, and earning his landscape contracting license in 1978, Owen Dell's focus has been bringing the ideas and principles of good landscape design to people in a way that makes sense and is enjoyable. He is a highly sought after lecturer who covers a wide range of topics for interested audiences, all with a fun and motivating attitude that doesn't cover up the difficulty in some of the subjects he addresses, including how gardens can have a negative impact. In addition, he brought his message of the importance of sustainable landscaping to the public in a fun and entertaining way with a local television sitcom, "Garden Wise Guys," that aired until 2011. Just in case people would rather have the information in their hands to refer to at any time, he also is the author of several books, including two in the "For Dummies" series, Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies and Green Your Home for Dummies, plus a book on how to start your own home-based landscaping business.

The intent of all of Owen Dell & Associates' work is to show people that sustainable landscape design looks good and works. The company offers many customized options for clients, depending on their needs. As a full service landscape design firm, Owen Dell & Associates can plan and design a small backyard project or a large business or public design project from start to finish. They also design projects that clients can complete working with affiliated or local contractors.

Owen Dell & Associates will even help clients improve upon their existing landscapes with the Sustainable Landscape Action Plan (S.L.A.P.). This is a service offered only by Owen Dell's firm where your property will receive a full inspection in order to determine where you can save money, and how you can turn your property into one that is more environmentally friendly and efficient. The Plan will outline, step-by-step, the changes that will most benefit your property.  Areas of cost, maintenance, and eco-friendliness are covered along with how to make the changes easily. The Plan also offers ideas for reducing the necessary use of toxins like pesticides or reducing your dependence on outdoor power tools.

If you've ever imagined a property that was beautiful and safe for your family and the environment, one that cost less to maintain and yielded the plants that were beneficial to your family and right for your geographic area, then you've already thought about sustainable landscaping. Owen Dell & Associates can help you turn that dream landscape into a real one by providing you with the knowledge and guidance you will need in order to enjoy your outdoor space now and far into the future.



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