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January 20, 2018 / 5:51 am EST


Trees of Antiquity
Trees of AntiquityMar 26, 2012
Plant Some History

The planting season will soon be in full swing. If you are looking for something unique to plant along with the usual flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, why not consider heirloom fruit trees? At Trees of Antiquity, you can choose from among a large variety of trees that are grown organically and with care at Neil and Danielle Collins' Paso Robles, CA farm. The trees are shipped right to your home, plus you can find planting and tree care tips on the Trees of Antiquity website to ensure that your fruit trees thrive and flourish for years to come. These tress will provide you with delicious fruit varieties not often found in your local markets. If you are interested in planting apple trees, the farm ships them until mid-April, so you still have time to order before their most popular varieties sell out.

The Collins family is passionate about heirloom fruit trees, and they hope you will be as well. Although your local market may carry standard varieties of fruit, there are many other flavors and varieties out there that are sweet, juicy, tart or tangy and waiting for you to discover them. The organically grown heirloom fruit tree also offers another added bonus, in that once your tree starts bearing fruit, you can go in your backyard and pick your fruit directly from the tree. Many supermarket fruits are grown commercially and carefully cultivated to be the same size, shape and ripeness to appeal to shoppers, while taste is often secondary. Plus, many commercially grown fruits are stored for an extended amount of time before appearing in local produce bins. With your own heirloom fruit trees, you can experience the freshest fruit in a larger variety of historical flavors.

Have you ever bitten into a sweet and crisp Baldwin apple? Do you wonder how a Belle of Georgia peach would taste? Maybe you are interested in growing a less common fruit, such as an Asian persimmon. At Trees of Antiquity, you can browse all of their varieties of fruit trees and read the notes on color, taste, size and growing recommendations to find just the right variety of fruit tree for your own backyard. Some of the trees found on their website date back several hundred years, such as the Blenheim apricot tree from 1830 or the Api Etoile, which is a variety of apple tree that dates back to Switzerland in the 1600's. While commercial growers favor standard varieties such as Red Delicious apples or basic red grapes that are bought by shoppers at most grocery stores, growers and farmers have been quietly cultivating unusual and amazing fruit trees and bushes to ensure that a part of our history is not lost in time.

Customers who purchase a Trees of Antiquity tree can rest easy knowing their new fruit tree has been grown naturally and with great care. Their trees are certified organic and grown on a five year crop rotation to ensure the healthiest soil for growing. The growing methods used at Trees of Antiquity also include planting of flowers and hedgerows to attract beneficial insects and animals in addition to using composting and manure to encourage healthy bacteria and fungi growth. The care and thought that goes into a healthy start for these trees ensures that the tree you purchase and plant is healthy, organic and strong. Trees of Antiquity is an eco-friendly source for trees, leading to many years of fruit and fun for your family and friends.

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