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January 20, 2018 / 6:00 am EST


Shades of Green LA
Shades of Green LAMay 25, 2013
Is Your Yard Done in Shades of Green?

No longer is it fashionable (or acceptable) to bend a landscape to fit the proposed design, or to includes plants that are not native or materials that are unnatural. In order for a landscape design to work well, it is important to use native plantings, natural, recycled or sustainable materials, and to make the best use of water, light and other natural resources. Shades of Green LA understands the principals of sustainable landscape design and can provide a natural and beautiful look for residential, commercial, and public properties that can fit any budget.

In addition to providing clients with landscaping services that are environmentally friendly and cost effective, California-based Shades of Green also offers design with a modern and simple aesthetic thanks to principal designer Ive Haugeland's Scandinavian influence. Together with principal designer Tyler Fishman Manchuck, Ive and Shades of Green are committed to providing clients with a design solution for any site. The design studio has worked on projects as varied as a deer-proof lawn to a stairway in a condo unit. Through every project, Shades of Green maintains a perfect balance of design and sustainability, which has helped the studio earn membership to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the Green Building Initiative, and Global Green.

Providing sustainable landscape design services doesn't mean merely planting some trees or vegetation. Shades of Green offers a complete range of services that ensures every project, big or small, will be carefully planned and executed. The team will analyze your site to come up with the most comprehensive and effective design, oversee project management, help with construction and contracting selection, get necessary permits, and provide complete design illustration and documentation. Not only will the landscape design fit the site, it will fit the budget and the client's vision as well.

Principal designer Ive Haugeland received her landscape architecture degree from the Agricultural University of Norway, and spent time designing projects for cities throughout Norway. This helps her bring a unique perspective to her landscape designs, a modern look mixed with beautifully traditional features. Tyler Manchuck's extensive experience balancing environmentally responsible principles with inventive design ideas, plus her Environmental Design degree from the University of Georgia, help lend Shades of Green a forward-thinking, planet friendly philosophy. Together, Ive and Tyler provide the artistic and beautiful looks clients expect with a care for the environment that is a top priority.

The projects Shades of Green have taken on reflect an eye for interesting materials and colors, and a focus on functional beauty. Existing features such as concrete, patios, natural elements, and walls are transformed to improve the space without creating needless waste. The addition of beautiful mature trees and appropriate native plants and flowers ensure that the use of water is maximized and the upkeep is minimal. Green features such as no-mow lawns, recycled materials, irrigation, composting, and rainwater collection help ensure design sustainability, especially since the studio often designs landscapes for buildings that have earned varying levels of LEED certification.

Beautiful estate gardens, modern multi-level living facilities, commercial outdoor areas, and beautiful public spaces . . . Shades of Green has tackled them all and left them more useful, more beautiful, and greener that what existed before. From idea to end product, Shades of Green Landscape Architecture provides sustainable solutions for your design project that are sure to bring enjoyment for many green seasons to come.


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