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January 20, 2018 / 6:00 am EST


Greenwise Organic Lawn Care
Greenwise Organic Lawn CareFeb 24, 2013
Take Your Yard From Green . . . to Greenwise

Did you know that dandelions can be beneficial to your lawn? Or that some types of weeds help improve the health of soil? Or that some of the herbicides and pesticides in your garage right now are linked to cancer, birth defects, and neurological damage? These are some of the things you'll know when you become Greenwise! Being Greenwise means thinking about how our choices affect our families, the environment and the plants and animals who depend on it, and is the philosophy of Evanston, Illinois-based Greenwise Organic Lawn Care company. Greenwise offers lawn care, landscaping, design, and snow removal services with an eye toward preserving and protecting the very land they beautify.

We all want a healthy, green lawn, beautiful gardens, useful spaces, and a noticeable lack of pesky bugs and weeds. Unfortunately, common practice has been to use chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and gas-powered equipment to maintain yards. The toll these methods take may not be immediately apparent, until you notice your grass is brown instead of green, or that you have to purchase and treat with chemicals more frequently, or that a member of your family-even your pet-has developed a rash, breathing issues, or other conditions that are not easily explained. Chances are good that the barrage of chemicals in your lawn and garden that are breathed in, tracked into your home, and inadvertently ingested play a part in some of your family's health issues. Instead of being a safe haven for your family, your yard becomes a hazard.

There is a better way. . . organic lawn care. It's how Greenwise Organic Lawn Care does business. According to Marc Wise, co-founder of Greenwise, "First and foremost organics work, and work very well. We create beautiful lush lawns year after year without the use of chemicals. Our program supports a healthier lawn, soil, and environment for family and pets. No longer do you have to wonder what is on your lawn and if you can enjoy it safely. Chemical lawn care is a way of the past and more information will continue to be exposed stressing the dangers of our chemical habits. The choice is easy. Organics are safe, effective, affordable, and easy to use. Chemical herbicides and pesticides are quickly being banned across North America and Europe. The liability of having a toxic environment outweighs the benefits of chemical treatments. Chemical lawn care is just not worth the risk!"

How does Greenwise help their clients achieve beautiful, healthy, safe yards and outdoor spaces? The services Greenwise offers are comprehensive and tailored to fit each individual client's needs and preferences. The common thread for everything Greenwise does is that they provide all the services of a traditional lawn care company, without the use of any harmful chemicals or equipment with harmful emissions. From a small backyard garden, to full property maintenance, to designing and installing your landscape, to removing snow safely during the winter, Greenwise Organic Lawn Care can tackle any yard, residential or commercial, and effectively use organic treatments to bring about a healthier, more sustainable, lower-maintenance yard over time.

The biggest benefits to choosing an organic lawn care service over a traditional one is the positive impact this decision will have over time. Your yard becomes healthier and more beautiful because the special fertilizer and organic methods used by Greenwise actually help improve the health of soil over time. This, in turn, reduces yard care costs, because there will be less maintenance and upkeep. Your family and pets will be able to safely enjoy the outdoors without the concerns that come from a chemical lawn. And, most importantly, the birds, insects, soil, wildlife, and plants in your yard and beyond will be preserved, protected, and given the chance to thrive . . . once you make the choice to go Greenwise.


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