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January 20, 2018 / 6:01 am EST


Vast Pavers
Vast PaversJan 25, 2010
Add Beauty to your Lawn and Deck

The way your home looks from the outside is just as important to you as the way it looks inside. Whether you want to increase curb appeal in order to sell your house, or simply to enjoy the beauty yourself – landscaping is important.  Vast landscaping pavers are an environmentally-friendly way to enhance the way your deck or lawn looks.

What are Vast Eco-Friendly Landscape Pavers?

Traditionally, landscape pavers are created from concrete or clay, and aren’t eco-friendly at all.  For the most part, there haven’t been many alternatives for individuals seeking to embellish their lawn or deck using pavers. That’s where Vast comes in. Their composite layer pavers are 95% recycled, and are perfect for driveways, walkways, decks, rooftop patios, pool areas and more. They’re the first eco-friendly landscape pavers available for residential and commercial projects – and they’re gorgeous!

The colors are fade-resistant, and the slip-resistant eco-friendly pavers meet OSHA and ADA requirements for flat, accessible surfaces.  They’re extremely easy to work with, since no cutting is required – and the innovative grid system cuts labor down dramatically – reducing costs for you!


Individuals who decide to create beautiful walkways or other areas using the Vast eco-friendly landscape pavers can choose from a variety of natural colors, including Redwood, Boardwalk, Olive, Village, Waterwheel and Polo. You don’t have to settle for one flat look, though. Some of the most beautiful effects have been created by mixing two or more colors in a decorative pattern – giving your deck or lawn a rich, textured look. 

Vast also provides customers with a 10-year warranty.  This warranty certifies that under normal conditions, the pavers will not crack, delaminate, rot, split, suffer structural damage from insects, or be defective in product material or workmanship.  One of the greatest things about choosing Vast pavers for your deck rather than wood (other than the obvious environmental benefits) is that if something should happen to a paver, you can replace one rather than an entire length of board.  There are no fasteners and no splinters involved in the process, either.

Eco-Friendly Highlights

The Vast pavers are 95% recycled, mostly using scrap tires and recycled plastics. The manufacturing process is zero-scrap, zero-pollution – and old or damaged pavers can be recycled into new pavers. The pavers contribute more LEED credits to green building projects than any other paver available, and they weigh one-third what a concrete paver weighs. The benefits are magnificent and the look is bold and beautiful.

Vast eco-friendly landscape pavers are an excellent choice for businesses, organizations, and homes. They combine everything homeowners want in a building material – beauty, luxury, quality and eco-awareness.  If you’re considering updating your patio, deck, or walkways, consider Vast landscape pavers.



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