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November 21, 2017 / 10:39 am EST


Berglund Architects
Berglund ArchitectsMar 5, 2013
Design “Green” Mountain Homes

A home designed by Berglund Architects looks like it belongs right where it sits, with its natural stonework, soaring wood beams, and crystal clear glass that reflects the blue of the sky and the Earthy tones of the natural surroundings. It is this quality, the harmony the structure creates with its surroundings, that makes a Berglund building both unique and environmentally friendly. A home designed by Berglund Architects also features the most innovative new energy efficient, sustainable building practices and materials so each home leaves a small carbon footprint on the land. Many of the firm's designs have earned LEED gold and platinum certifications. For a sophisticated mountain home that will help ensure our enjoyment of those mountains for generations to come, place the creation of the home of your dreams in the capable hands of Berglund Architects.

The Berglund Architects design firm opened its doors in 2004. Before this, principal architect Hans Berglund worked as a licensed principal architect with Aspen’s CGY Architects and helped them to found their Vail Valley office. A graduate of Cornell University’s School of Architecture, Hans Berglund took his years of education and experience and founded his own firm, dedicated to designing unique homes that meshed seamlessly with their surroundings and incorporated green materials, building practices, and features into every design.

A Berglund Architects home is distinctive and beautiful. The firm uses a combination of freehand sketches and sophisticated 3D design software to perfectly capture both the client’s wishes and the integration of the home to the site’s individual character. Using a palette of stonework, solid natural woodwork, soaring windows that take in the sweeping views, and open areas for inside-outside living, these homes are exactly what a mountain home should be. While the firm is known for their distinctive mountain homes, Berglund also takes on a diverse range of design projects, including multi-family homes, commercial design, interior design services, assistance with community project planning and even urban design. Through all their design projects runs the thread of natural solutions, integration with surroundings, and green materials or practices.

As a firm that believes in environmentally friendly design solutions, Berglund works to incorporate sustainability into both their designs and in the operation of their firm. The Berglund portfolio includes two homes that are Energy Star and LEED certified, one LEED gold home in process and two LEED platinum homes in process. They are even involved in the design of a LEED office building. In order to meet these high green standards, a Berglund home incorporates a number of features for energy efficiency, sustainability, and a healthy indoor and outdoor environment. Homes may have passive solar heating or solar hot water, radiant heat, geothermal heating or cooling, photovoltaic solar electricity generating systems, indoor-outdoor living, and rainwater collection systems. These design features help a Berglund home use up to 57% less energy than a traditional home, which means reduced costs for the homeowner and reduced impact on the environment. The firm is also a member of 1% for the Planet, where they donate 1% of their revenue to worthy environmental causes.  Plus, the firm incorporates green practices such as environmentally friendly commuting, recycling of paper, glass, plastic and ink, as well as the use of high efficiency plumbing and green lighting fixtures in their offices and their home designs.

If you are looking for a designer that can bring your design hopes and dreams into reality with the most effective green materials and practices available, Colorado's Berglund Architects can bring your "green" mountain home to life.


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