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November 21, 2017 / 10:39 am EST


The Experience of Living
The Experience of LivingFeb 21, 2009

“A space cannot be truly beautiful unless it functions in harmony with who we are… it’s about pleasure: discovering what pleases us and creating an environment that will celebrate those qualities and sustain us.” – Clodagh

According to Clodagh’s vision statement, total design is about serenity and simplicity, open spaces and clean contemporary lines. YOUR HOME, YOUR SANCTUARY, published by Rizzoli New York, is a newly released book from world acclaimed designer Clodagh. In the book, Clodagh utilizes the “4 C’s” that she outlined in her first book, TOTAL DESIGN, to guide her readers through the process of Contemplation; think of where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’d like to go, Cleansing; perform a huge edit to get rid of clutter that you don’t need leaving only things that bring you joy, Clarification; clarify its use, and Creation; create a unique space to help them achieve joyful, comfortable spaces in their home, hotel, or spa. Clodagh believes her new book will “provide ways to shape indoor and outdoor space into a tranquil environment that will free the mind, nurture the spirit, and embrace the body”. The second book was penned in order to share the information “… that I’ve learned that is valid in today’s world and the future”.

Clodagh notes her “consistent care for the environment” and use of environmentally friendly materials in her designs. She incorporates Feng Shui principles and natural elements such as wood, metal, fire, water, and earth into all of her designs. ”A designer’s responsibility is to affect peoples lives in the most positive way, and not only their lives but the environment that they live in”, notes Clodagh. With the increased prevelance of childhood ailments such as allergies and asthma, Clodagh feels that “parents will continue to be very strong supporters” of the green movement.

Clodagh was born in Ireland, where she got her start as a dress designer in Dublin, at the age of 17. She traveled to Spain where she studied environmental design and worked with solar and wind energy. Spain was the initial launch site of her interior design career. Clodagh then moved to New York City and established her design and architecture firm, where she quickly added product design to her list of offerings.

Her first key project was designing the interior of the Primerica Building in New York City, which won her international acclaim. Though Clodagh’s largest project to date is The Caledonia Condominiums in New York City, the scope of her work stretches from domestic to international locales. When asked about her most rewarding projects, Clodagh points to her many philanthropic projects around the world. ”I’ve been very blessed. I’ve traveled to ninety countries and have had a varied career”.

Presently, Clodagh runs three divisions from her studio in New York City. Clodagh Signature is the product design group that works with licensees. Clodagh Collection is her showroom highlighting Clodagh as well as selected home furnishings and accessories from around the world. Clodagh Design is comprised of her architectural and interior design practice. Clodagh Design maintains a staff of twenty eight people split into teams, each of which have significant involvement from Clodagh and a Feng Shui master. Clodagh’s staff allows her to take on multiple projects throughout the year, thus minimizing a significant wait for her clients. Acceptance of a project is not based on size. Clodagh Design’s completed projects range from a 400 square foot apartment to a 16,000 square foot house.

In 2008 Clodagh celebrated her 25th year in design. Her offerings include residential, commercial, spa, and hospitality design. She has garnered international design awards over the course of her distinguished career including induction into Interior Design Magazine’s Hall of Fame in 1997. She has also been honored by “World’s 100 Leading Interior Designers, The AD 100” from Architectural Digest in 2005, Hospitality Design’s Platinum Circle for lifetime achievement in the hospitality industry in 2005, and “40 Top Interior Designers” from Robb Report Luxury Homes in 2007. She has been included numerous times in the “top 100 Interior Designers in America” by Interior Design Magazine. She has had numerous spa honors bestowed upon her for work involving Nemacolin Spa in Pennsylvania, Sasanqua Spa in Kiawah Island, and White Horses Spa, Doonbeg, Ireland.

Clodagh notes her approach to interior design allows her client to “use their brain and not just their pocketbook.” She strives to “make the client extraordinarily happy” with the results. The result is an environment that celebrates the “experience of living” and is “truly timeless, life enhancing, sensual and low maintenance”.

By Brian J. Mellett

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