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November 21, 2017 / 10:39 am EST


Danze & Davis Architects
Danze & Davis Architects Jul 13, 2010
Bringing Green Building Design to Austin

Modern green architecture can be amazingly luxurious – especially when the building is designed by Danze & Davis Architects in Austin, TX.  Serving the Austin area for nearly 50 years, Danze & Davis creates residential homes and intriguing commercial structures for clients around the world.  Within the past decade, the award-winning design team has added functional and beautiful eco-friendly blueprints to their portfolio. 

The Truth About Today’s Eco-Friendly Architecture

While eco-friendly building practices are becoming more and more common throughout the nation, there are still a multitude of misconceptions about green building design.  There are a few examples of eco-friendly architecture that seem primitive or unattractive, but modern green building techniques can be incorporated into any home design and can be as simple or luxurious as you desire. 

Another misconstrued fact is that building green is too expensive.  “Through energy and water savings, improved air quality, and strategic planning, any home can benefit from green design,” says architect and principal Donovan Davis.  “Our priority is making green affordable on every level.”   

The Danze & Davis Green Design Process

Green architecture focuses on sustainability, conservation, and ultimately, efficiency.  Danze & Davis take several basic factors into consideration to create homes and buildings that will use as few natural resources as possible, without sacrificing comfort and style. 

Sun and wind patterns are used to determine the ideal positioning of a structure.  Rooms that are used most often are strategically placed to avoid midday and afternoon sunlight, reducing the need for cooling.  According to Davis, a home’s orientation is one of the biggest influences on its energy consumption. 

“Turning the house in the appropriate direction according to the climate makes a huge difference (in a home’s footprint) and this design technique is free,” says Davis. 

Inviting front porches and purposeful landscaping are integral parts of Danze & Davis residential designs as well.  Covered porches shade the home and keep the interior cooler during warm months.  Native shade trees serve the same function, offering natural insulation to the house and limiting the impact of direct sunlight. 

Award-Winning Green Architecture

From the aesthetically pleasing angles of contemporary designs to the elegant curves of Mediterranean inspired architecture, Danze & Davis creates a variety of house plans - each tailored to the personality and lifestyle of the home’s owners.  The Danze & Davis design team can employ energy-efficient, green building techniques into any plan, whether you’re interested in achieving a green rating or simply desire a home that is beautiful and comfortable, as well as efficient. 

Visit the Danze & Davis Architects website to browse the extensive collection of stock plans or contact the Austin office to discuss a custom green home design

By Danielle Bullard


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