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January 18, 2018 / 2:24 pm EST


Design Veritas
Design Veritas Feb 24, 2014
Inspires Positive Change Through Design

If you look up the term “social entrepreneur” in a recent dictionary, you’ll find it defined as “a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change.” This definition fits what Navneet Magon Anand aims to do with her design consulting firm, Design Veritas. Her credentials are impressive, ranging from degrees in Architecture and Art History, her designation as a LEED Accredited Professional, and her post as the president and chair of the Sustainability Committee of the American Institute of Architects, Central Massachusetts Chapter. Yes, the titles held by Ms. Anand are impressive, but it’s the ability of what she does to consciously solve social problems and affect positive change where her true passion and mission lie.

After graduating from McGill University with a degree in Art History and Architecture, Ms. Anand began her career working for various well known Boston-based Architectural firms. Soon, she felt the calling to forge her own path and formed Design Veritas with an eye toward conscious architectural design, in order to help people thrive in environments designed to enhance their health, lives, and potential. She is also an accomplished artist offering her colorful art for sale on her website, and soon-to-be published author with the upcoming release of her book, “Conscious Art, Design & Inspiration...Creating Change.” The cornerstone of Design Veritas is the Conscious Design model®, a marriage of green design principles and the “human element” that allows the design of a space to affect positive change in the people who live or work there. 

According to Ms. Anand, “By becoming conscious of our everyday spaces: what we surround ourselves with and what we see and do, has a meaningful effect on our everyday lives. As an artist, let me inspire you to see the beauty of your visual world to have a contemplative effect on what you ‘may or may not’ see. As a designer, let me inspire you through my philosophy of design to consciously create change in our lives. By being eco-conscious and self conscious, we are making responsible choices to live healthy, meaningful and fulfilled lives for ourselves, our families and our future generations.” 

The residential, commercial, and non-profit spaces created by Design Veritas are intended to create healthy, sustainable, and beautiful spaces using a combination of sound design principles and the latest green ideas and materials. The resulting effect is a healthy space that is also inspiring and functional. Using the Conscious Design model®, Ms. Anand is able to approach the design of a space with people, the economic reality of today’s marketplace, and decisions based on environmental and social well-being at the forefront of her design decisions.

A perfect example of the Conscious Design model® in action is the creation of affordable housing in low income areas that is breaking the mold of what typical low-income housing “looks like.” Looking for a way to provide beautiful and inspiring living spaces that are also environmentally conscious and economical, Design Veritas created an architectural design template that can help provide an alternative to poverty housing in disadvantaged locations. This includes templates for the environmental rehab of “Triple Deckers,” a common type of Northern housing slowly falling into ruin. The projects go to show that affordable housing can be beautiful, sustainable homes instead of cheap, unhealthy living spaces. 

In addition to exacting social change through green design, Design Veritas is also passionate about helping corporations create spaces for employees and customers that are healthy and inspiring. Companies that have a Triple Bottom Line corporate mission will find a kindred spirit in Ms. Anand when they seek out her design services, and companies that are hoping to become more aligned with their sustainable and social goals will find that Design Veritas can help them along their path. The idea is to help a company’s physical space reflect the sustainability goals they have created for their future. 

If you are interested in conscious architectural design and how using this method can help your space be healthier, greener, and more beautiful, Design Veritas can work with you to bring your vision to life. The design firm creates designs with five principles in mind. A Design Veritas space is simple, sustainable, mindful, creative, and empowering. A Design Veritas space encourages productivity, inspires the mind, is better for the Earth, and makes the occupants feel as though they are able to accomplish whatever they set out to do! Can all this really be accomplished through architectural design? According to Design Veritas, it’s not only possible; it’s the future of design.

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