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November 21, 2017 / 10:39 am EST


Eco-Brokers: It Actually Is Easy to Be Green!
Eco-Brokers: It Actually Is Easy to Be Green!Nov 1, 2008
Eco-Brokers: It Actually Is Easy to Be Green!

"The more I researched, the more I realized that the knowledge of Green building and the benefits would help every single client that I met. In more ways than one this certification was common sense. I can help my clients and help the environment at the same time. Amazing.” - Stephanie Edwards-Musa, Certified Eco-Broker

White has long been the most popular color for home exteriors, with beige taking a close second. This year, homes all across America seem to be going a particularly friendly shade of green. Of course, we’re not really talking about the physical color of a home – instead the concept of sustainability and eco-friendly living. Emerging with this reinforced wave of economic concern are eco-brokers, the guys and gals who introduce excited homeowners to this efficient, money and environment-saving lifestyle.

What are eco-brokers bringing to homebuyers?

The allure of green homes lies in doing something great for our planet as well as saving more money and energy. Eco-brokers point out certain features, both small and large, that make a difference in monthly energy costs and conserving our natural resources.

Stephanie Edwards-Musa of, points out that ‘green’ means something different to everyone. “For the most part, I will point out features and ideas to make a home more energy efficient – as well as items in the home that will make it healthier and more comfortable. For example, if a home has a super efficient HVAC system, new double pane windows and a whole house HEPA filter, it separates my listing and may attract buyers in a different way."

Eco-brokers are also skilled in assessing the air quality and comfort level of homes so that potential homebuyers get the most enjoyment out of their home.

Eco-Broker Certification

Licensed real estate agents can take that extra step to become ‘eco-broker certified’ with courses at a school or online. They spend a required amount of hours learning how to address important environmental issues, energy efficient technologies and important marketing techniques and knowledge. This gives them the important skills they need in order to help homebuyers become more efficient and green within their needs and budget. Eco-brokers are springing up all over the world, so availability is becoming less of a problem every day.

Just how luxurious can eco-friendly be?

Just because a home is designed to cut energy usage and be more sustainable doesn’t mean it has to be primitive. The Oceano Village team knows this all too well. The new development site on Roatan – the largest of the Bay Islands – is designed for sustainability and efficiency, but most of all for luxury.

There will be an estimated 700 homes in Oceano Village – many of them beachfront estate homes that will include over 4,000 square feet each. Developer, President and architect Dan Jenkins says, “These mansions will include their own private infinity pools, outdoor gardens, outdoor rooms – as well as Koi ponds and a bathhouse which includes an exercise area, a private outdoor shower and massage table.” Stepping out onto white sand beaches and the breathtaking view of turquoise Caribbean waters is a pretty great perk as well!

Whether homebuyers are searching for pure green luxury or just the addition of a few things that will make a difference in the environment, eco-brokers all over the world are showing them how to find it. Essentially, eco-brokers are working harder than ever at making it easy to be green!

By Samantha Cummings

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