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November 21, 2017 / 10:28 am EST


EcoSteel® Building Systems
EcoSteel® Building Systems Aug 2, 2014
Offer Custom Eco-Friendly Building Solutions

When people first started turning to Eco-friendly building and construction solutions, many companies popped up to offer their answer to the burning question, “How can we build a structure that is both Eco-friendly and cost effective?” Many companies offered some form of modular or prefabricated home or building, on the theory that if they used green materials and offered some customization, they could carve themselves a niche. However, many of those companies are already out of business because they required lots of money to get going, and clients ended up taking the hit, both in the pocket and with homes that weren’t exactly what they’d hoped for.

One steel building company is still going strong, and that is because they’ve taken a totally different approach: Eco-friendly, cost effective, and with over a decade-long track record to stand behind. EcoSteel® Building Systems provide commercial and residential construction solutions that deliver what’s right for their clients and what’s best for the environment.

EcoSteel® Building Systems was founded in 2004 by Joss Hudson as a branch of parent company Northern Steel International. The company offered building system technologies using recycled materials for both commercial and residential customers. EcoSteel® homes and buildings are changing the way people view steel construction, as the company’s projects have shown that all-steel construction can be both beautiful and efficient.

EcoSteel’s projects are truly “all steel” construction. A project begins with an extensive design and engineering process, which allows EcoSteel’s clients to work with an architect to design the home of their dreams: any style, any shape. From the architect’s vision, the company develops a 3-D design that allows clients to see the home virtually and provides a detailed and error-free blueprint for the construction project – right down to the bolt positions. The home or commercial building (which could be an office, warehouse, retail establishment, manufacturing plant, or automotive center, just to name a few) is then constructed using EcoSteel’s efficient, economical, and fast building system.

Clients using EcoSteel’s approach will notice the company’s method combines the best of traditional construction methods with the ease prefabrication provides. Projects begin with pieces being cut and welded beforehand, and then delivered to the site to be assembled. Steel beams are bolted together on site, and then the pre-cut panels are installed. Once that phase is finished, the client’s chosen contractors can work within the now climate-controlled building to complete the project. All phases of construction make use of sturdy, Eco-friendly steel components: the steel beams, foam and steel insulation, wall panels, and steel roof.

An EcoSteel® Building Systems project can also achieve the highest LEED ratings for their sustainable qualities. The company uses 80% recycled materials. Doors and windows are Eco-friendly low-E, and the roof is highly energy efficient. The completed project is also 100% fire-proof. Clients have many further Eco-conscious options in their EcoSteel® home or building. Solar power, radiant heat in both the floors and outside in the decks, water infiltration systems, and energy efficient lighting are all options available to clients. The beauty of the EcoSteel Building Systems approach is that once the steel shell of the home or building is complete, clients can customize their project to suit any style or taste. This allows them to get the ease and efficiency of steel construction, together with the ecologically sustainable options and the chance to finish the project in their own personal style.

If you’ve only thought of steel construction for commercial or industrial builds, EcoSteel® Building Systems is here to open your eyes to all the possibilities steel construction offers, especially for beautiful, highly efficient residential homes. Many steel-built residences can actually produce more energy than they use, meaning the costs of living there are minimal. Future homeowners also no longer have to choose the cookie-cutter styles offered by many modular or prefab construction companies, either. Choosing an EcoSteel® Building Systems residential or commercial building makes good green sense for clients and for the environment.




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