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December 16, 2017 / 9:19 pm EST


Raine Heidenberg Interior Design
Raine Heidenberg Interior DesignJul 14, 2013
Green Your Interior Scene

While all of us would love to live in a home that reflects our personal style, has just the right feel, and features design and layout choices that enhance the whole space, not everyone has the time or the knowhow to accomplish this. Hiring a professional designer to transform a ho-hum space into an amazing one can be a very smart decision when you work with a professional who will listen to your ideas, understand your wants and needs, and deliver a space that is far beyond your wildest dreams. Finding a designer that can do all this and integrate sustainable, healthy design choices into the final space may seem impossible, but it’s not when you turn to Brooklyn, New York-based Raine Heidenberg Interior Designs.

Raine Heidenberg took a longer path to get where she is today, but it only serves to benefit her clients’ designs. After growing up in Montreal and traveling to LA and London before taking a backpacking trip through Malaysia, Raine felt a strong call to become an interior designer. She went to New York and attended the Pratt Institute, where she earned her Master’s degree and worked extensively with environmentally friendly designs, earning many awards along the way. Starting her own interior design business was a natural next step, one that allows her to marry her two passions: design and the environment. Her focus is unique in that she listens carefully to the desires of her clients, and offers design solutions that are both beautiful and sustainable. In addition to offering design services, Raine also adds a personal touch to her completed spaces with the addition of her custom furniture designs.

Clients who seek out Raine’s interior design services may have a vague idea of what they are looking for, or very specific ideas. No matter what the starting point, Raine helps her clients achieve the look that suits them with a variety of services. Each design is customized for the client, to reflect the personality, preferences, and budget of the person. Integrated into a design plan is a layout that complements the whole space, color choices that complement the design and the client’s tastes, all furniture, fabrics, flooring and accessories, and careful selection of artwork. In addition, clients may be interested in one of Raine’s custom pieces of furniture, a remodel project for a kitchen or bathroom, help with staging a home for sale, or Environmentally Responsible Consulting for a healthier space.

Although Raine’s designs sparkle with personality, style and that added dash of “wow” clients are hoping for, that doesn’t mean the spaces are created at the expense of the environment. Just the opposite, in fact. The choices available to clients who are seeking a healthy and environmentally-responsible design include non-toxic materials, energy efficient features such as heating and air systems and windows, recycled materials, solar solutions and water conservation measures. Raine makes every effort to provide clients with the greenest space possible while still keeping projects to a reasonable and affordable budget. Also of importance to Raine is the use of local artists and craftspeople and locally sourced material, a measure that benefits the environment and keeps the total carbon footprint of a project small. From wood flooring to handmade furniture to organic rugs, thoughtful choices complement each project.

People want to live in a space that feels like home and reflects their individuality, but more and more people are also seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact and create healthier living spaces. Raine Heidenberg Interior Design can offer personalized design solutions for every kind of space that reflects the unique style of the owner while also utilizing the best green solutions available today.


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